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May 14, 2008 01:51 PM

Want to make a special dinner tonight!

I am definitely a recipe follower and not someone who is able to combine ingredients w/o a guide. I'm always mystified when I watch shows like Top Chef and they just go to town with the ingredients they have! I have the following items.... fresh spinach, fresh grape tomatoes, fresh basil, most of your basic pantry items and will have either fresh swordfish or tuna (depending on what dh brings home). Can someone give me a simple, delicious meal using these ingredients? I'd also love to grill the fish! Thanks for any ideas you've got!

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  1. if you've got a couple of hours between dh bringing home fish & actual dinner time--marinate fish in soy, garlic, a little oil.
    cook some orzo or some other little pasta. while it's draining, throw the spinach in the hot pot and let the residual heat cook it down. dump pasta back in, add much butter, salt & pepper.
    grill the fish for the bare minimum length of time that you feel comfortable with. add a few sliced grape tomatoes for garnish.

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      That sounds good, but to get the basil in there as a star, maybe do the spinach sauteed with garlic in olive oil as a side, and use masses of torn basil in the orzo. Also, I think a quick marinade of 30 minutes is enough for fish, so that would still work even if they wanted to eat within an hour of his arrival. Also the grape tomatoes cut in half could sit a bit in some of the same marinade and be like a salsa atop the grilled fish.

    2. You can make a tomato relish - halve the grape tomatoes, add some diced onion (you can grill the onion first for added flavor) and chopped basil, then season with salt, pepper, olive oil and balsamic vinegar. Grill the fish with minimal seasoning - salt & pepper, a little olive oil - 2-3 minutes per side. Put the spinach on the plate, fish on top of the spinach, then top with the tomato relish. Maximum flavor, minimum effort.

      1. Thanks for the ideas! It sounds like the simpler, the better.