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May 14, 2008 01:45 PM

Need Detroit suburb late night good stuff--not burgers!

So I get done working out last night and head off to Pi's Thai Cuisine in Sterling Heights, only to find, at 8:45PM, that Pi's currently in the hospital and the place is closed for the week. At this point, it's too late to go to the Hazel Park location. Here's where my mistake came into play: I then went to Target to do a bit of personal shopping, and came out still hungry, obviously. I then headed to Red, Hot, and Blue on Van Dyke, and they were out of their potato salad! NUTS!

So, it's now 10PM, and I was already at Redcoat Tavern earlier in the week. I wracked my brain trying to think of late night chow choices that *didn't* involve burgers and/or standard bar fare, and could think of any. I honestly ended up going to *McDonald's*. That's how eye-roll-inducingly-bad things were...I was *that* hungry.

So, in the suburbs, after 10PM, where should we go? I need suggestions. I don't mind going to a bar if the food warrants it, but the food *must* be worthy if I'm to endure a smokefest that late at night.

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  1. I think Small Plates in RO is open after ten, lots of options from the tapas-like selections.

    1. Have you ever tried Lillys in RO? Not the greatest service but I like it in an old fashioned kind of way and they have some great sandwhiches. No tater salad at Red Hot &Blue? That would ruin my meal but the pulled pig carry out is pretty darn good. That corridor is really suffering and the number of closed businesses there sure reflects our economy. Not sure if you like Sushi but the Kroger by me ( 25 & Dequindre) has a sushi counter. I think the people contract out from Mon Jin Lau so it's pretty darn good. Have you tried them yet?
      I think I'd roll in for a Gyro or a coney dog before Mcky D's.

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      1. re: Docsknotinn

        I'm a frequent eater of the sushi made at Kroger and Wal-Mart...same organization, and it's actually cheaper at Wal-Mart. I agree that it's pretty good, and *certainly* good for the quantity and price. Oddly enough, I tried going to the Wal-Mart right there at 15 and Van Dyke, but they didn't have any nigiri...nuts.

        I agree that the pulled pork at RHB is worthy...but I wanted to sit down and eat, and in fairness, I was coming in not long before closing, so the fact that they were out of potato salad was something I could overlook.

        I finally settled on Mickey D's because the sum total of the food I'd eaten that day was a medium caramel sundae from DQ and a Kit Kat at the Wal-Mart. I was absolutely starving at that point.

        1. re: boagman

          When I get in that position my favorite thing to do is gome home and make eggs. :)

      2. 24 Seconds has very good bar food and the kitchen is open til midnight--on 12 Mile in beautiful downtown Berkley.

        I'd probably have hit National or Berkley Coney Island instead of Mickey D's.

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        1. re: coney with everything

          Haven't tried Berkley CI yet...any good? I've basically sworn off National CI since I find it almost completely without redemptive value.

          24 Seconds was something that I hadn't considered, but I was hoping for something other than typical bar fare. Thanks for the idea, though.

          1. re: boagman

            I've only eaten at Berkley CI a couple of times--they're open 24/6 (not all night on Sunday) so a reliable late night place. The usual coney stuff, good for what it is. 24 Seconds has a bit more than the usual bar stuff but it is certainly not sophisticated cuisine.

            I do like National's coneys, but I only eat them 2-3 times a year.

        2. Uh-oh . . . I don't think His Boagness likes coney islands.

          Cafe Habana in Royal Oak is open until 11, I believe. The one in Ann Arbor serves food until 2 in the morning, which is a godsend.

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          1. re: Jim M

            cafe habana is what i was going to recommend. even better, bastone - simple bistro fare done very, very well.

            1. re: Jim M

              His Boagness doesn't appreciate a good number of them, true, but he doesn't object to them on principle, no. He actually just ate at Kerby CI today, and had the chicken stir fry, with the sauce on the side. Good enough! I just wish I knew some specific CIs that I could say, "Oh, yeah...*that's* the place that has the really good XXXXX." I don't really know of any, and too often, yes: CIs are a bastion of a pretty low standard for food.

              Cafe Habana...where is that in Royal Oak, and what do they serve?

              1. re: boagman

                419 s. main (northeast corner of fourth)

                good cuban food

                its attached to bastone, which has vinoteca attached to the otherside and the club cinq downstairs. all owned by the same group. three pretty good restaurants under one roof.


                1. re: Summerfield

                  It's at 211 E. Washington, between Fourth and Fifth avenues.


                  1. re: Jim M

                    Thank you very much. I'm not there yet?

                2. re: Jim M

                  From the impetus of your post, I found myself in Cafe Habana in Ann Arbor both Friday night and Saturday afternoon. Upstairs and downstairs are completely separated from each other. Upstairs (where I ate) is completely smoke-free, while downstairs apparently is a cigar-smoking lounge. First off, the mojitos are killer. Couldn't stop drinking them. They have a selection. I had what they call the classic. Spinach empanadas good. Baked goat cheese good. Ajiaco (it's a stew) really good. My friend had Baja Burrito, a seafood burrito, which he really liked. Saturday I had Cuban Sandwich (roast pork etc) which was really good, plus more mojitos, of course. Prices are incredibly reasonable. Had about a 45-minute wait for a table on Friday. The mojitos smoothed that out. No reservations. There's a wait list for parties of five or more.

                3. I haven't tried this place yet but I noticed on Rochester road in the new plaza directly across the street from Ninos there is a noodle shop.