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May 14, 2008 01:38 PM


After last year's virtually lost season steamers are reappearing at Court St's Fish $8/lb. They tell me not to expect or hope for a return to old prices (like around $4-$5 IIRC?). I wouldn't even consider buying a pound of soft shell clams...there's just no point. But 16 bux of clam heaven and then asking 'what's for dinner?'....... I can't afford that. Has anyone seen anything anywhere that makes the Fish Tales price an aberration, like maybe the GAP market? (Although FT is always high, I don't expect that they would be all that out of line with the general market so I'm not very hopeful with this post).
Damn, I never expected to see steamers on my 'out of my league' list.

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  1. I just bought some out on the Island (when I was in Cutchogue, at Braun's) about 2 weeks ago or so...they were the usual price, maybe $5/lb....I can't believe the prices would be so much different here.

    1. Steamers were selling for 3.50 a pound at Grand Army Plaza this last Saturday—I don't know why they would be so much more expensive at Fish Tales.

      1. I bought a couple of pounds from Fairway two weeks ago for $3.99 a pound.

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          OK. So there's my reality check. Although I've been a supporter of FT since the day they opened, as a patron and as a positive reviewer in those rare but occasional gnarly posts here, I've got to wonder what's the deal here. Do these clams have, like, advanced degrees or something? Because that doesn't impress me much in bivalves.
          Definitely going to find my clams elsewhere. Thanks for the info.

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            I have only bought fish at Fish Tales twice, and while the quality was good, I thought the prices were insulting. Glad to hear about all the other sources though, I am going to have to check out Grand Army Plaza this weekend!

            1. re: prunefeet

              Confirming GAP Blue Moon steamers---large, intact, beautiful, $3.50/lb.

        2. further afield for the OP, but the fishmonger at the Sunnyside Greenmarket has been having them for $4 a pound, i believe. yummy.


          maybe Fish Tales steamers are pre-purged, making the markup?

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            Interesting thought. I think there's only been one time in my life when steamers were so gritty that it was a real issue. Otherwise the standard broth wash, butter dip has done just fine. In other words I would never consider paying a premium for bulimic clams. But a good speculation.