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May 14, 2008 01:32 PM

lime leaves recently?

has anyone come across lime leaves lately? i have been looking in all the usual places (super 88, the other markets in chinatown, whole foods) and they are nowhere to be found. perhaps there's a run on lime leaves lately? i want to make some curry so i'd appreciate any leads...

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  1. I found fresh Curry leaves at the Indian grocery store at the corner of School and Washington Sts near Brookline village.

    1. Kaffir lime leaves have not appeared on the boston area supermarket shelves for quite awhile. Could not even find them in the thai/cambodian/asian markets in revere. I think there is an issue of supply.

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      1. re: nasilemak

        well, i'm relieved that it's not just me. i keep thinking i must just be missing them! i might have to see if whole foods can special order some.

        1. re: alyssap99

          Do let us know if you have success in getting hold of the leaves...I am dying to replicate Floating Rock's Tigers Tears salad!

          1. re: nasilemak

            worth replicating...I went to FR this AM for the Tiger Tears...what a great dish!

            didn't check the Cambodian Mkt on Shirley Ave..

      2. they're banned due to a citrus canker

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        1. re: galangatron

          Wow. I was wondering why I didn't see them at the Super 88 on Brighton last time I went. Luckily I too have some dried and frozen.

          Maybe I can start selling dimebags outside of asian markets.

          1. re: ysb

            haha, love it! not the worst idea in the world...

        2. someone on craigslist is selling them (and live plants too, i believe.)

          1. Ah, I was wondering the same thing! Fortunately have some frozen (they freeze pretty well). Will appreciate letting us know if anyone finds some. Maybe can ask for a handful at your favorite Thai restaurant....