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Hill Country - what's best?

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going to hill country (finally) on saturday, what are people's opinions on the best cuts of meat? what are the best sides as well? any other recs are welcome (on what to order or do there)

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  1. Brisket is great. I also like the beef ribs. Haven't tried the sausage, but I've heard that's good.

    1. I also like their brisket and always ask for extra fatty :D. Their short ribs are good too.

      I didn't think the sauages were that special.
      People like their cup cakes but I didn't like them. Just my personal taste...

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        their moist brisket can be extremely fatty sometimes. other times, its just absolutely positively the best bbq meat in nyc. tell the cutter that you want moist brisket but not with tons of fat on it.

        their pork ribs are good but i can never eat more than 2 without feeling full. their sausages are insanely good. i get the regular but the jalapeno is great too.

        i tend to avoid everything else there. sides are all ok...i like the cheesy mac and cheese but eating too much really ruins the meat for me. save room for peanut butter and jelly cupcakes...they are great.

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          Agree that the moist brisket can be too fatty, and it definitely isn't good to have too much fat (on the side) as it cools off and the fat solidifies. So it needs to be eaten fast! I prefer to order just a few slices first and eat and order more than to order a whole lot all at once.

          The lean brisket and the shoulder are too lean for me.

          As for the sausages, mine were overcooked and dry. But if they were piping hot and fresh I think they would have worked.

          I preferred the banana cream pudding to the PB&J cupcakes, though my friends did like the cupcakes (and I gave them all of mine)

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            The moist brisket is delicious. Fatty, yes, but the lean is just way, way too lean. Some have recommended a combo of both but the lean is just pointless for me w/out BBQ sauce (which you're not supposed to use with Texas BBQ). The ribs were good, as was the mac and cheese. I want to try the beer can game hen.

            Tried both sausages a few times - they're good but I can barely eat two links. I have a strong stomach but more than a few bits of that sausage just kicks my ass, and I don't want anymore.

        2. the brisket is amazing. the chicken is good for chicken, but just can't compare to delish beef brisket. i didn't try the ribs. the jalapeno sausages were great, too. the bourbon mashed potatoes weren't worth the stomach space, the mac and cheese was good, and i am a huge peanut butter fan, so I loved the peanut butter and jelly cupcake -- really just the frosting was amazing.

          1. This is Texas barbeque, so beef trumps pig. The brisket is the best in the city, imo.

            Though I was there a couple weeks ago on a Saturday and they had something new for the first time that night. It was wild boar ribs. They were about the same size as the long end of standard pork ribs and a deep red color. They were fantastic, but expensive. If I recall correctly, 4 ribs came to about $19.

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              Um, the wild boar sounds tempting! I should go visit again! :D

              Thanks for the tip!

            2. I like the pork ribs and peanut butter and jelly cupcakes the best. The sausage was a little dry for me, but I've only been there at odd hours, instead of in the thick of service when food is usually best.

              You know what else is awesome there? They have very fine sweet tea, which this southern transplant misses the most.

              1. I'll agree with everyone and vouch for the brisket. I found the sausage to be somewhat mediocre. Sides-wise the corn pudding is insanely good...one of the best bbq sides in the city.

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                  The beef ris are the best in the city, the beef shoulder is a cut I never had and in my opinion better than the brisket.

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                    Ooh--agree w/the corn pudding.

                  2. I'll let you in on a secret-forget the brisket, sausages, ribs-all of which are very good but...the pork chops are superb. My absolute favorite though is their boneless prime rib, rare, about 4 inches thick.

                    1. I'm a big fan of the brisket and the ribs there. The sausages are hit-or-miss but the jalapeno-cheese sausages are excellent when they hit.

                      For sides I like the bbq baked beans and the whipped sweet potatoes.

                      As far as drinks, there's a mixed drink made with vodka and tang that is out of this world. The red soda is also nice.

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                        Vodka and Tang? How did I miss that??

                      2. Moist brisket, "regular" beef ribs (not the same as short ribs).

                        1. Last time I was there there was a pulled brisket sandwich. Very good. Just make sure you go early because they run out of the fatty brisket and only have lean later in the night. I wasn't a fan.

                          1. Gutter has more guts than I do, I will echo the standandard beef ribs and moist brisket. They both were awesome. I don't live in nyc (or texas) so I can't go enough to have the guts to try the dishes gutter prefers because those two are so darn good - it is almost like how can you not...

                            1. so we got:
                              - brisket moist - excellent, great flavor, super tender and nice tasty fat...definitely my favorite
                              - beef ribs - good, great flavor and just good generally
                              - pork spare ribs - disappointing, a little tougher than expected...consensus no one really liked them
                              - sides - not worth mentioning

                              i actually really liked this place basically purely for the brisket, which i thought was really well done. they had some annoying live band (they sat us downstairs) and you literally couldnt hear anything. all that said, ill be back at some point although im so full right now i think im going to die

                              1. Tpigeon said about right!
                                Brisket pretty good,
                                Regular sausage: terrible, little snap to texture, and certainly the mushy interior was no good.
                                Why the hell are they doing pork? the spareribs were lousy too.
                                Chicken was good but mostly as a side event, who is really going there for chix anyways?
                                Mash pot weren't great either.
                                Basically we tried about everything on the menu during peak lunch times to get top quality and RUB destroyed Hill country!!!

                                1. Beef Ribs are KING - no need for anything else.
                                  Maybe a small small portion of the brisket to try but way to fatty.

                                  Sides - mac n cheese re good but ...... focus, Beef Ribs.