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May 14, 2008 01:02 PM

didar palace - worst food in town? the world?

a group of coworkers just took me to a persian restaurant called didar palace on bundy south of wilshire. besides being the most bizarrely decorated restaurant i have ever seen (imagine a psychedelic alice in wonderland setting on a really tight budget), the food literally scared us. the "cokes" we ordered were poured from 3 liter bottles of off-brand product, the gyros contained barely heated, freezerburned, rock hard pieces of what was supposedly meat. don't even ask me about the secret sauce. needless to say, no one cleaned their plates. as we left we noticed that there was no health department grade posted, and word is that there was no soap or paper towels in the restroom. i challenge anyone to eat there and tell me this isn't the worst eating experience they have ever had. it certainly was for me. i'm gonna go puke now.

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  1. Dude . . . you have my sympathies. Did you notice that there is still the "name" of the previous restaurant that seemed open for about a day in that same space. It's literally spray painted stencil letters on the wall underneath the awning. I think it was called "Fish Market Restaurant". The irony of the new restaurant's name just can't be beat.

    1. This post made my day. I've driven by that numerous times and always have a chuckle when I see the odd 80s furniture and odd cardboard boxes stacked up against the windows, and the fact that it's never been open. I was so eagerly anticipating what the final product would be, and you have answered my prayers.

      1. bold move. i've driven by and wondered. too bad the place is that kind of surprise.

        1. Thank you for going boldly where no 'Hound has gone before. Your brave sacrifice for this board shall never be forgotten.

          1. NOT A REAL RESTAURANT, just the landlord using the space he owns....