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May 14, 2008 12:54 PM

South Tucson weekend breakfast spot

I need an early Sunday breakfast eatery near the airport or on the way from the airport to Starr Pass? Any suggestions.

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  1. Not much to offer between Starr Pass and the airport... First, I'd check with the resort at Starr Pass (Marriott, I think) and see what they offer in the way of breakfasts. If that doesn't pan out, there's a Jerry Bob's on Valencia, east of Tucson Blvd, which makes a pretty good, if simple breakfast. I eat there sometimes when I have an early flight.

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    1. re: Booklegger451

      TY Book. I feared that. I checked Mi Nidito and El Minuto and the like and no desayuno is served (we don't mind a bit of a drive that's not too far the wrong direction). And I think El Charro pulled out of the airport, no? The grill's closed at Starr Pass then and the JW unfortunately is overpriced like others in its class. Guess it's Waffle House. Wish Ghinni's was down that way.

      1. re: amchef

        If you don't mind going a bit out of the way (not too far), I can give you a very strong recommendation for Lavernas Coffee Shop:

        220 S Plumer Ave
        Tucson, AZ 85719
        (520) 623-1389

        They're one of my absolute favorite breakfasts in town.

        Laverna's Coffee Shop
        220 S Plumer Ave, Tucson, AZ 85719

          1. re: amchef

            I'd be surprised if Laverna's is open on Sunday morning. It serves a small office/light industrial part of town, and I doubt whether there is anyone awake in that part of town on Sunday morning.

            1. re: lawyerbriefs

              So, do you have an alternate suggestion or are you just a bummerblanket without hard factual knowledge? lol

              1. re: amchef

                I guess I'm a bummerblanket (what is that, anyway?) without hard factual knowledge! :) (That said, you'd wish for someone like me if you got to the place and it was closed)!

                P.S. I don't do breakfast, but the Michas suggestion, below, is probably a good one. Food there is generally good.

              2. re: lawyerbriefs

                Citysearch (Ok, not the most reliable source...) says they're open 7am-2pm Sunday.

      2. Michas... opens at 7am on Sundays... 2908 South Fourth Ave.

        1. I'd go the Cup Cafe at the Hotel Congress. The food is great and, if you haven't been there, you will be missing a true Tucson original.

          1. We drive regularly between StarrPass and the airport during weird hours, and haven't found anything reasonable. Cup Cafe is a bit out-of-the-way when it's 6am and there's a cranky, hungry teenager in the car and only 30 minutes to get to the airport.

            There is a Mexican place that looks promising, on a Southwest corner along 22nd Street with lines out the door, but I don't know the name nor the cross street. I'll try to check it out and report back the next time we're in Tucson (late June).