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May 14, 2008 12:52 PM

Great bakery in Bay Ridge?

I'm taking my family out to Grand Sichuan to celebrate my dad's birthday, but I wanted to find a bakery in the immediate area, so I could pick up a cake on the way to the restaurant. I did find a website to the Bay Ridge Bakery, but couldn't find any posts about it on Chowhound. Any positive experiences with this bakery? If not, any alternatives? Thanks!

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  1. I like Lesko's on 5th avenue around 77 street (great black and white cookies by the way) and The Little Cupcake shop on 3rd and 91st. Enjoy!

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    1. re: AnnBR

      Leske's makes a pretty good birthday cake, and you are sooo right about their black & whites...

    2. Cupcake place is definately fun for a family. My kids also like Paneantico on 92nd and 3rd.

      1. YOUR BAKER on 86th bet.5th and FT.Hamilton. good stuff, weird hours, though

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        1. re: pupburger

          Your Baker is a good idea. Very close to the restaurant. Aisde form decent cakes, they have deeeeelicious eclairs. I've never realized they have weird hours. Maybe I've just been lucky :-)

          1. re: Tay

            anyone know what their hours are? we ate at Grand Sichuan on sunday for my daughter's b-day (it was great) and then tried to go to Hinsch's afterward (anyone know what their hours are--none posted) but it was closed. Walking back to the car I saw the neon sign for Your Baker (great name!) on 86th and wondered about it. Now I know. Next time i'll try to go to grand sichuan when my baker is open, so i can have an eclair for dessert.

            1. re: missmasala

              You might want to give them a quick call just to verify for yourself.
              Make sure you only buy ONE eclair. They're addictive :-}
              Your Baker
              518 86th St
              Brooklyn, NY
              718) 836-0022

              1. re: Tay

                Leske's is great. Bay Ridge Bakery is pretty new, and haven't been yet -- has anyone? The best bakery in the greater Bay Ridge/Bensonhurst/Dyker Heights area is probably Villabate on 18th Ave and 70th Street, but thats about a ten min drive from Grand Sichuan.

                1. re: ropa vieja

                  The Bay Ridge Bakery has been around since 1972.

                  1. re: psnative

                    whoops - i am thinking of a different place. recently opened on 3rd ave in the 70s.

                    1. re: ropa vieja

                      I know the place you are talking about. I passed it the other day and the baked goods they have in their window, i.e. black and white cookies and cupcakes, look EXACTLY the same as the ones in the window of the bakery on 4th Ave. between 85th and 86th Streets

          2. re: pupburger

            I second the rec for Your Baker. Really good stuff.

          3. Speaking of Bay Ridge Bakeries, is Jean Danet on 76th St.and 5th Ave, still open?
            It used to be pretty wonderful and then something must have happened (Maybe new owners?) and their baked goods became unbearably sweet. After mentioning it a couple of times and getting indifferent shrugs, I jusI stopped going there.

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            1. re: Tay

              It is still open but now it is also a cafe and they have brick oven pizza and sell Italian bread, etc. It says on their web site that the people who run it now bought it in 1998. I cannot speak to the quality of their baked goods or pizza but I know the place is still there.

              1. re: psnative

                its certainly not a French bakery any more. Lots of those italian cookies, for example.

                Ive never bought a cake in Bay Ridge - if you are there early enough, Leske's is a good choice but I dont think they stay open late. Butter in their pastries, a rarity these days.

                1. re: jen kalb

                  Thank both of you for the update on Jean Danet. I probably stopped going there in the late 90's so the new ownership was probably the turning point for me. I don't know what they offer these days but at one time, their pasteries were so varied and delicious that I used to joke that I became the most popular invited guest based on the assumption that I would pick up dessert at Danet's Bakery. Good thing I found a replacement bakery or I'd probably never get invited anywhere :-}

            2. Leske's is definitely a great choice. Just a really nice authentic old-school place. In addition to the stellar black and white cookies others are raving about, the crumb cake is also divine. Another bakery to consider is Ivy on 87th off 3rd Avenue.

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              1. re: slopetoridge

                I find parking in Bay Ridge so insane that I don't often stop there unless I have a friend with me who can 'circle the block.' When I do get the opportunity, I always pick up some cookies/cakes at Leske's. Jen Kalb is so right: They use REAL butter and it makes a difference. I also run across 5th to pick up some of the delicious salads and daily specials at Mejlander and Mulgannon, a great Deli across 5th.