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May 14, 2008 12:38 PM

Take out, delivery pizza place in Hollywood/WeHo

Okay, you guys are awesome! I'm looking for a really good take out or delivery pizza place in the Hollywood/West Hollywood area. Just simple cheese (for my boys), or veggie. We've tried a few; Johnny's, Brick Oven, Crispy Crust but would love your input.

New to Chowhound so if this is redundant forgive me.

Can't wait to hear back. Thanks so much in advance.

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    1. re: ns1

      Vito's hands-down. And for some reason you don't want Vito's (which I wouldn't know why), Johnnie's is pretty good too. But did I mention Vito's!

    2. If I lived in that area, I'd order from either Vito's or Damiano's.

      Damiano's (Mr. Pizza
      )412 N Fairfax Ave
      Los Angeles, CA 90036-1717
      Phone: (310) 556-3100

      1. Vito's is great, as is Angeli Cafee.

        Angeli Caffe
        7274 Melrose Avenue, Los Angeles, CA 90046

        1. Has anyone mentioned Vito's?
          Seriously, though, I think you might like the cheese, white and the veggie pizza's. Not the cheapest pizza's around, but well worth the money. Also great sandwiches and pasta, and a fabulous calzone. Also try the canolis.

          1. Vito's is great, but a crazy expensive.

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            1. re: HeavyCream

              Vito's also only has a mile radius in delivery - so if you live too far, no delivery for you :(