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Take out, delivery pizza place in Hollywood/WeHo

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Okay, you guys are awesome! I'm looking for a really good take out or delivery pizza place in the Hollywood/West Hollywood area. Just simple cheese (for my boys), or veggie. We've tried a few; Johnny's, Brick Oven, Crispy Crust but would love your input.

New to Chowhound so if this is redundant forgive me.

Can't wait to hear back. Thanks so much in advance.

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      Vito's hands-down. And for some reason you don't want Vito's (which I wouldn't know why), Johnnie's is pretty good too. But did I mention Vito's!

    2. If I lived in that area, I'd order from either Vito's or Damiano's.


      Damiano's (Mr. Pizza
      )412 N Fairfax Ave
      Los Angeles, CA 90036-1717
      Phone: (310) 556-3100

      1. Vito's is great, as is Angeli Cafee.

        Angeli Caffe
        7274 Melrose Avenue, Los Angeles, CA 90046

        1. Has anyone mentioned Vito's?
          Seriously, though, I think you might like the cheese, white and the veggie pizza's. Not the cheapest pizza's around, but well worth the money. Also great sandwiches and pasta, and a fabulous calzone. Also try the canolis.

          1. Vito's is great, but a crazy expensive.

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              Vito's also only has a mile radius in delivery - so if you live too far, no delivery for you :(

            2. Thanks everyone! We'll give Vitos a try. Pizza night is coming!

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                Vito's is every bit as good as everyone says, BUT:

                "Quoted 1 hour for delivery. It took an hour and 45. We ordered with friends and we were too hungry to reheat it in the oven so the crust was on the soggy, tough-bready side." (from our first experience via delivery).

                They didn't even apologize, they just said they were busy. For the prices that they charge I'll NEVER order delivery from them again. Eating it there, fresh out of the oven was a totally different experience and we've gone back a few times, no complaints. Maybe our delivery experience was an anomaly, but come on, discount it or at least apologize! One of our guests, to this day, won't eat Vito's and bad mouths them to anyone that will listen. My point, long in the making, if you live close... walk there, don't risk it.

                1. re: ahuacatl

                  Agree with you 100%. Delivery is awful and they make no apologies. I either stop by and order out and rush home (10 minutes away) and eat there (limited seating). Nothing better than a fresh Vito's pie but if left in the pizza box for too long, the steam will turn the thin crust soggy and chewy.