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May 14, 2008 12:23 PM

Good Eats Downtown Portland (near Hotel Monaco) and Weekday Breakfast

I'm in town for a conference at Hotel Monaco (SW Washington and 5th Ave) and am looking for a good place to grab lunch nearby. Also, we want to have a great breakfast on Monday morn before we leave and would love to hear some ideas!

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  1. Actually, the adjoining restaurant to the Hotel Monaco isn't bad (I forget its name).

    Nearby is Pazzo for Italian and Typhoon for Thai. They're located in the Monaco's sister hotel, the Hotel Lucia.

    There's also a Three Lions Bakery on that block.

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    1. re: SauceSupreme

      Close, SS, it is confusing though, what with all those boutique hotels and restaurants in a few blocks.

      The sister hotel to Monaco is the Hotel Vintage Plaza, not the Lucia. Monaco and VP are both Kimpton hotels.

      Pazzo is indeed located in the Vintage Plaza, Typhoon (as well as Bo Restobar) is in the Lucia.

      1. re: JillO

        Ah, my mistake -- I thought the Lucia was also a Kimpton property. You can tell I got them thoroughly mixed up.

        The rec below for Karam is a good one, too. Mmm, falafel...

    2. I agree with sauce. The restaurant attached to the Monaco is the Red Star. I have had breakfast, lunch, dinner and apps there. Not totally earthshaking but not bad.

      Pazzo is across the street and I have had great meals there and some misses, but worth a try.

      1. For Monday breakfast, I highly recommend Bijou Cafe on 3rd Ave @ Pine.

        1. Hi Jazzyjuice,

          If you like Lebanese food, Karam Lebanese Cuisine, (316 SW Stark, one block north of SW Washington) is a great bet.

          Excellent food, good service, and all the flatbread you desire. Here is a link to their multi-page lunch menu:


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