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May 14, 2008 12:03 PM

kosher in Virginia

Anybody knows kosher places around Virginia Beach?

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  1. According to the web, there are 3 kosher places in Norfolk which is close to Virginia Beach, but none there. The 3 are (1) The Kosher Place; (2) Yorgo's Bageldashery; and (3) Aveemelech's Provisions.

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      1) The Kosher Place no longer exists- it closed at the end of 2007 (and, while it's sad that there's no real kosher restaurant anymore, good riddance- this was the stick to the floors unpleasant only exists because it's kosher type of restaurant).

      2) Yorgo's is still there, if I'm remembering correctly, but I think only the bagels themselves are kosher (i.e. slicing and toppings are not).

      3) Not sure about the last.

      4) There are two Coldstones in the area that have hashgacha from the local Vaad.

      5) The only place to "eat out" is the little cafe at the JCC. It is under the supervision of the local vaad, but the local chabad has also helped out with its hashgacha and may still be doing so.

      6) The Waterside Marriott has a kosher kitchen, but it's not typically open (special events only). They do, or at least have in the past, have a once-a-month kosher dinner in the main dining room- it may be worth checking about that.

    2. Does anyone have any updated information (first hand is appreciated) BESIDES what is on Shamash/Vaad of Tidewater?

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        Anyone with info on kosher eateries in the VA Beach vicinity?

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          I already posted this under thread thread "traveling from NJ - VA with Kids - Notes" , but the only option is Little Israel -- and it is indeed a little shop. My mom and I got sandwiches and then I got frozen chicken nuggets for the kids which I heated up in the hotel microwave.

          Other Note: If you have not done so already, check with your Rav about using hotel microwaves.