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May 14, 2008 12:02 PM

Greatest meals

What is the best dish that you've ever had in Boston? I don't mean the most expensive (emptying your wallet), or the most comforting (reminding you of home), or the most familiar (drawing you back every week). I mean the cherished dish that you'll remember and love for years, the dish that will brighten your memory long into dim old age. It's the dish that shattered your idea of greatness in food.

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  1. My first Harrow's Chicken Pie when I was younger. I swore it was the greatest thing I would ever taste in my life at the time and it has held its own over the years! :)

    1. My mind changes on this topic every week, but I'd say either the Cubano at Chez Henri in Cambridge or the black forest chicken at Jasmine Bistro in Brighton would be right up there...

      Outside of Boston, however, it is no contest for me: The double cheeseburger at Hodad's in Ocean Beach, CA, is something I dream of nearly every day <SHUDDER>.

      1. Top 3 -

        3 - My first Speed's dog.
        2 - My first Santarpio's combo.
        1 - My first double-thick pork chop with vinegar pepper sauce at Vinny's at Night.

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        1. re: Bob Dobalina

          Hell yah BobDob!!! Have you ever been to Lil Vinny's? Its nearby and affiliated to Vinnys at Night. The chops at Lil's are even bigger. Go on the weekend when the real chef is in for a special experience.

          1. re: jerrytrey

            Lil' Vinny is Vinny's nephew. They parted ways and the nephew opened Lil' Vinny's. Last time there I had the stuffed veal chop and it was both huge and amazing. I ate the entire thing and couldn't move afterwards. Lets just say there was no dessert for me after that!

            I have always been a fan of Lil' Vinny's and have had two so-so experiences recently at Vinny's at night (one was overcooked meat and the other was a burnt taste to the tomato sauce). Because of that I have been avoiding Vinny's at Night for a bit. I will say that it is nice to have two good/great italian options close to home in Somerville.

            1. re: jerrytrey

              Thanks, Jerr. I have been to Lil Vinny's - I thought it was good too, although I love the Vinny's at Night antipasto table, which Lil's doesn't have unfortunately. But I think I owe the cousin another visit...mmmm.....

          2. Hopefully this thread will drum up some new thoughts, but for thoroughness' sake, you'll find several hundred ideas in heWho's "Your favorite thing to eat in and around Boston at the moment" thread from a few months back.

            Not quite the same thing as you're asking, I realize, but there's already some overlap:


            1. I had the rabbit with pappardelle @ Mamma Maria about a dozen years ago. Had it again about 10 years ago. Still think about it.