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May 14, 2008 11:38 AM

Iron Rich Recipe

My daughter has a project for her Chemistry class and gets extra points if she brings in a food product rich in her element-Iron. It's for a class of 15-16 year olds so no organ meats would be eaten. Saw some recipes for Bran Muffins made with bran flake cerals...she wasn't lovin' that idea. Your help is appreciated.

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  1. Would she consider oatmeal peanut butter cookies, made with tofu, molasses, chopped figs? This is a good recipe and you can make substitutions, adding pumpkin seeds (high in iron) and chopped figs, although raisins are good, too. Oatmeal, whole grain flour, tofu and pb all have iron, though almond butter might be higher than pb. And, they taste a lot better than you'd expect.

    1. Anything with molasses... if she can stand it Liver and Onions are delicious IMO.
      Legumes, tofu, broccoli, asparagus are all rich in iron.
      Here's a link to a listing of iron rich foodstuffs. Using that you can combine a few ingredients and get her project going....

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        I have a question about the iron rich food list - on the list is "faggots". Now, I'm familiar with the term to describe having bunches of food. Like faggots of string beans, to described a bunch of string beans bundled prior to cooking or how they're served. But what kind of (apparently iron rich) food is a faggot? It's in between fish paste and kidneys - so clearly, very high in iron.

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          I tend to think of faggot as an organ meat meatball.

          Sort of like spam, but even more primordial.

      2. "My Sweet Vegan" by Hannah Kaminsky includes a recipe for peanut butter cookies made with lentil flour.

        1. how about spinach nuggets? i like the veggie patch brand at costco...they're also pretty teen friendly.

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            I thought that because of the zinc in spinach, it would actually deplete iron.

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              I'm not sure if it's exactly because of the zinc - but the human body gets little to no iron from spinach. But technically speaking, spinach has iron in it. So for a chemistry class I'm not sure how that would work....

          2. An iron enriched pasta with clams and mussels would do the trick.
            Addd a little garlic, butter sauce.

            I had anemia as a kid, and that is when my Dr. introduced me to liver, mussels and clams. Still love them all to this day.