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May 14, 2008 11:34 AM

Artisan cake bakery?

Hi does anyone have a good recommendation for a bakery in Philly (or suburbs) that make "Ace of Cake" style fancy cakes? Thanks!

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  1. The Night Kitchen in Chestnut Hill makes some beautiful and delicious cakes.

    1. If you've got time, and you can't find anything locally, I think Charm City Cakes will make and deliver to Philly.

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        Thanks, I checked their website and they aren't accepting any new cake orders unless you want the cake after Nov. 16, 2008! Crazy! I need a cake next week unfortunately.

        I will check out Night Kitchen.

      2. Everyone in my family requests the lemon curd filling for their birthday cakes. They've done some very beautiful ones for me. Hope it works out.

        1. This baker doesn't have a storefront, it seems, but I've seen photographs and heard raves about some of her gorgeous cakes. You can see pictures here: Again, this is not from personal experience, but she might be fun to work with.

          1. I don't know of anything as "artistic" as the creations I've seen on the Food Network. But I will mention that I was very impressed by the looks and taste of a cake at a party in the suburbs a few months ago and got the card of the baker. It's called Sweet Beginnings,, 215-679-7970. The card says East Greenville, but the web site says Pennsburg.