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May 14, 2008 11:33 AM

Whole Foods in Milford, CT?

Has anyone heard anything about the Whole Foods/Wild Oats store that is supposed to open on the Post Road? It does not look like they have made any progress on the store in months.

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  1. It took them a long time to fit out the interior of the Glastonbury store. I know if it were a Stop & Shop it would have been opened before Thanksgiving no matter what. They seem to just move at their own pace. Not sure when the Milford store will open but check to see if they are hiring staff yet. That is usually a good sign that it will open in a month or so. Jay

    1. Maybe things have changed since I heard/read it, but I believe the Milford Whole Foods has been put on hold indefinitely. They are attempting to go ahead with a Fairfield site, if that's any help.

      1. It was supposed to be a Wild Oats store but since WF took over WO it's been out on hold since the last I read in the paper awhile back.

        1. The Whole Foods website only lists future stores in Darien and Fairfield. The Fairfield store would be an anchor to a new shopping center proposed on the old Handy & Harmen property on Grasmere Avenue and Kings highway East, next to Home Depot. The center is just now going through its local approval process and will probably not open for over a year.

          As for Milford, I think I do remember reading that they backed out of the Wild Oats store when Whole Foods took over. I think WO was going to be smaller than WF would be and they would rather find a location where they can build larger stores. Jay

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          1. Well, it looks like Milford is (finally) getting the long-awaited Whole Foods. And an Aldi, too.