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Whole Foods in Milford, CT?

Has anyone heard anything about the Whole Foods/Wild Oats store that is supposed to open on the Post Road? It does not look like they have made any progress on the store in months.

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  1. It took them a long time to fit out the interior of the Glastonbury store. I know if it were a Stop & Shop it would have been opened before Thanksgiving no matter what. They seem to just move at their own pace. Not sure when the Milford store will open but check to see if they are hiring staff yet. That is usually a good sign that it will open in a month or so. Jay

    1. Maybe things have changed since I heard/read it, but I believe the Milford Whole Foods has been put on hold indefinitely. They are attempting to go ahead with a Fairfield site, if that's any help.

      1. It was supposed to be a Wild Oats store but since WF took over WO it's been out on hold since the last I read in the paper awhile back.

        1. The Whole Foods website only lists future stores in Darien and Fairfield. The Fairfield store would be an anchor to a new shopping center proposed on the old Handy & Harmen property on Grasmere Avenue and Kings highway East, next to Home Depot. The center is just now going through its local approval process and will probably not open for over a year.

          As for Milford, I think I do remember reading that they backed out of the Wild Oats store when Whole Foods took over. I think WO was going to be smaller than WF would be and they would rather find a location where they can build larger stores. Jay

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          1. Well, it looks like Milford is (finally) getting the long-awaited Whole Foods. And an Aldi, too.


              1. last I knew, they were putting it on hold because zoning complained about the parking. I'm sure/hopeful it will go through, because I would much rather take the drive from New HAven to Milford instead of West HArtford or Fairfield.

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                  The newest delay is due to the fact that Whole Foods wants a bigger store than was built for Wild Oats to move in to. I believe the current plan is to tear down what used to be El Torrero and expand the store in that direction. Doesn't look like it will be opening particularly soon. In the meantime, there might not be a decent supermarket in the New Haven area, but you can get a lot of the things that set Whole Foods apart from, say, Stop and Shop, by hitting a few smaller local shops.

                2. I've been wondering the same thing...
                  This is going to be like the Stew Leonards sign that has taunted me for the entire 5 years I've lived here.

                  1. Whole Foods Milford opened yesterday. I went...twice. It's beautiful and enormous. It was extremely packed on both occasions so browsing was tough but, I can say that there is a sushi bar, a coffee shop of sorts, wood fired pizza, Indian food buffet and tons of seating.

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                      Now I'm going to have to start adding it to my Milford shopping route. Thanks for the update.

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                        Whole Foods is interesting. The short aisles and width are akin to NYC markets. 2 carts in the aisle are a traffic jam. Then again, it is new.

                        Park your HUMMER in the "eco-friendly" vehicles park right at the entrance [handicapped cars are 2nd string down the street somewhere".

                        Way overpriced on a lot of things.

                        HOWEVER, the fish market, meat market and cheese areas are GREAT! Quality, Quality, Quality. Don't mind spending $20-25/lb steaks - beats Stop&Slops tough cuts even though it is twice as dear. KimChi & pickle case (Ba-Tam-Te horse radish and other brand saurkraut) is not bad either.

                        Want fresh veggies & ethnic foods really inexpensive - head west about 1.5 miles to M&M Farms. Half price finicchio [fennel], various choys [bok etc], bundles of parsley 0.99, ditto cilantro, basil. No nice parking lot, small & old carts - inspect each item & you'll come out ahead by 100% in cost!

                        Oh yes, Trader Joes is just up the street.... keeping honest everyone.

                        Ya know, if you want to stretch your bucks - make a few stops in this dense food-rich area.

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                          Just a difference of opinion here but...I don not recommend M&M Farms. IF you think Whole Foods is crowded, M&M FArms is insanely crowded...and very very dirty to boot.

                          I wouldn't trust much of what came from there.

                          1. re: kwhitehead

                            you have to be careful with the produce you buy at M & M. You need to use it ASAP or else it goes bad quickly!

                      2. Hmm. The Milford Whole Foods is not enormous. Average to small for a WF. (Go to the original Central Market in Austin for ENORMOUS.) I was disappointed at the many things they do NOT carry (many cuts of pork, Shick razor blades, daikon, etc.) I hoped that with WF, I could go back to one-stop shopping. Not so.

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                          I prefer the westport location - the fish in Milford looked good - I thought it was nice but nothing to go out of my way for.

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                            Central Market is WF on steroids with a chaser of HGH. I love CM when I visit my in-laws in Plano, TX. Staff is great and knowledgeable, at Central Market.

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                              Went back yesterday for the second time. Once again, the deli was non-functioning. Half a dozen people waiting to be waited on, no numbers to take. One person behind the counter, back to us, putting sandwiches in boxes and doing her best, successfully, to ignore us. I gave up and went to Big Y for my sliced turkey, which was half the price of WF's anyway. Store manager, do you read Chowhound??

                              1. re: JackNH

                                I haven't made it to WF yet, but a fellow worker was there yesterday and said that the place was absolutely mobbed. She pretty much corroborated what has been written here - gorgeous stuff (especially the fish dept) at very high prices. She mentioned a couple of items in the fish dept and they were actually priced higher than what I pay at Number 1 Fish in Hamden, the place to go when you only want the best and are willing to pay a bit more for it. Given the lack of viable alternatives in the Milford area, WF may just be able to get away with poor service and high prices!

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                                  Funny. . . My husband works evenings, so the other day I send him to WF to pick up a couple steaks. (Sucker! That way he has to buy) Usually he ventures to Liscio's for steaks. So, after he calls me from the store to decide between rib eye and porterhouse, he comes home with two beautiful thick Prime porterhouse steaks. I sheepishly ask him over the phone after his purchase. . . "were they expensive"? He replies: "$60!" The package for the steaks alone was $63.00--$20.99 a pound! I was so paranoid that I'd burn them on my grill, so I seared them in my iron skillet and finished in the oven--they were absolutely delicious Thank God, but that's ridiculous.

                                  I found most of the patrons the night I went packed in the hot/cold food bar area of the store--you couldn't even move!

                                2. re: JackNH

                                  I agree with the deli counter comment. I went yesterday morning around 10:30 and it wasn't as busy as Costco. But deli counter, good thing is they have no idea what they are selling so the nice woman charged me for the lesser priced prosciutto.

                                3. re: JackNH

                                  I was waiting so anxiously for the Whole Foods in Milford to open for a few things. Quail Eggs, the Juice Bar, and a few other things that they don't carry and won't carry. I can't find Quail Eggs anywhere, but Westport carries them. I asked if they might be able to have 18 brought up from the Westport store, but he wasn't sure. There was also a tea which I can only get online only however it's sold in the Whole Foods in Chicago. I doubt they'll carry it here in Milford, but I'll bring in the cannister and request it. It's still new, and they don't know what the people around here want I guess.

                                  1. re: Shanna

                                    For Quail Eggs try Bella Bella Gourmet in West Haven

                                    1. re: amby48

                                      They have some great products. The duck is excellent

                                      1. re: amby48

                                        Do they have a storefront? Or just mail-order? I work about a mile away, and it seems foolish to mail order something from a place just up the road aways.

                                        1. re: Ravac

                                          No Storefront, but you can call in order, and pick up

                                  2. You had better be a millionaire if you're shopping WF. I won't step foot in that overpriced, over-imaged, trendy place. As for negative comments re M&M, it's a farm market! Do you all think they're going to bleach down the floors and walls everyday??? It's crowded cos the prices are good.

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                                      Years ago I would say M&M was dirty, and I did stay away for that reason, but I don't see where it's dirty anymore. I was actually surprised how they had cleaned it up. The Asian store in back is great.

                                    2. I have made WF a regular stop on my Sunday morning shopping trip. After this past Sunday, I asked the cheese person who made the fresh mozz seeing that it was labeled local. Not local! Why wouldn't you when you have 2 of the best guys in the state of CT?? Oh..I just noticed the parking up front for "eco friendly" vehicles. Nice touch.

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                                      1. re: triggs73

                                        Love the store, but I still can't get quail eggs, and miss the juice bar, both of which they have in Westport.

                                        1. re: Shanna

                                          I was in "the great wall" a Chinese market on Church St in New Haven. They have quail eggs.

                                      2. $8.00 for a bag/box of cheerios type cereal! EEK!

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                                        1. re: javaandjazz

                                          That's what you get...although some of their regular items were right on cost with Stop & Shop.

                                          1. re: triggs73

                                            That would include the vine ripe tomatoes...same price at Stop & Shop and Shop Rite as was Whole Foods, $3.99 lb.

                                            Over the holidays we picked up some of their fresh chiabatta olive bread. OMG....that was so good. :)

                                              1. re: Shanna

                                                Maybe it's all in my head, but the WF tomatoes have a little taste to them, too -- hard to find this time of year.

                                                Their limes are the same price as - often much cheaper than, in fact - those at my local supermarket.

                                                Many of the prices are lofty, but some of them I don't mind paying - usually for the fish, meat, or cheese. My biggest complaint with WF was some of my fellow shoppers on a recent Saturday, but that's what I get for going there on a weekend. Couldn't be avoided.

                                                1. re: harrie

                                                  Jump over to Costco and compare the prices on certain products. I've noticed that the Stonyfield organic yogurt is way cheaper than WH. Also, the organic chocolate milk boxes from Costco were cheaper, but now WH has the Organic Valley brand that is $1 cheaper by the case. You pick and choose your battles.

                                                  1. re: triggs73

                                                    Oy, Costco would make me crazy, I think; I don't do the warehouse places. While Stonyfield is a backup for us, we usually get our milk/cream and yogurt at the farmers' market; it's not cheap, but it's a place we choose to put our money. Plus, that way we don't have to agonize over whether stuff is really organic or sham-organic (ie, our cows have access to grass, they can look out a window at it).

                                                    As for choosing battles, amen-plus to that!

                                                    1. re: harrie

                                                      while I agree to your hesitation to whether or not a company is completely legitimate in their claims to organicness (no close choice in spell check), a costco membership is a worthwhile investment. Even the purchase of something like an LCD TV or "bulk" grocery run can pay for itself, whether it be because of the convenience of a double-the-manufacturer's warranty or getting milk for under $2-$3/Gal. They also give coupons for free or discounted items just for signing up (if your membership has or will soon expire they often let you sign up as a new member they might let you sign up again for the coupons, YMMV).

                                                      for $50/yr I believe it's worth it. I use costco irregularly but find their products fresh, at a reasonable cost depending on what it is (grocery sale prices are usually lower when comparing unit cost but costco's costs and stock are more reliable and static) and their customer service is second to none.

                                                        1. re: cheereeo

                                                          I think this past week the Pilot rest stop was a little cheaper. But yes on any given week Costco has great gas prices.