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May 14, 2008 11:05 AM

Toast now Precinct in Union Square?

I read that a new place, Precinct, is opening in the space that was Toast Lounge in Union Square Somerville. The manager is Ronan Geary. Anyone have any idea of what the place is going to be live?

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  1. They're having a grand opening this Friday night.

    1. From the website:
      Located in Union Square, Somerville, PRECINCT (formerly Toast Lounge) features events seven days a week with some of Boston's best LIVE MUSIC. Recently renovated front mahogany bar, full menu, and showing all major sporting events, PRECINCT is situated in the former jail cells of the Somerville Police station, and is Somerville's premier club open seven days a week and late (until 2AM) on weekend.

      No kidding. I'm believe that Ronan Geary is the same Ronan ( who was a bartender at Tir Na Nog and was co-promoting 'a toast to the nog' with Robert, a former co-owner of Tir Na Nog. I wonder if it drew enough to essentially make it permanent 'toast to the nog'.

      Looking at their calendar, it looks chocked full of Nog type entertainment, and it doesn't look like they've kept the "club nights", the biggest being the Lesbian night. From what I hear there really aren't a lot of options for lesbian nights, so unless it's gotten a lot less popular since I've been down there on a thursday last, this is going to be a notable loss in their community. I hope they get something as a replacement. That being said, I'm glad that they aren't trying to do some half-assed "maybe we can make money off of *both* crowds" type of thing with lesbian night out back, and the other crowd out front. In my experience working in clubs, and being a customer of many bars, trying to get any club/pickup crowd to coexist with any pub type crowd ends up being an exercise in frustration.

      I'm assuming that the menu will be totally decent food that you want to eat when you're drunk. Anything prissier would be a waste.

      If my assumptions are correct, I'm going to be really happy to see (at least some of) the 'Nog guys have their own placen again, even if it's still owned by Ken Kelly.

      (anyone know if it is still owned by Ken Kelly?)

      1. Wow! How many restaurants does that make in this space since it started out as the original Elephant Walk twenty-some years ago? It was a Spanish-y type place whose name escapes me about ten years ago when my future wife and I went there on our first date...

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        1. re: BobB

          Wasn't it something like Rocha?

          1. re: Taralli

            No, I think it started with an S - I want to say Sauza, but that's not it. If I remember correctly it was more pan-Mediterranean than purely Spanish, which is why I said Spanish-y.

            1. re: BobB

              I used to go there too and cannot remember the name. I do remember they always had a HUGE platter of mixed olives on the bar to snack on with your rioja. I liked the subterranean feel and the cute bus boys.

          2. re: BobB

            I believe it was called Rauxa. Is that correct? It has been a looooong time!

            1. Stopped in on Friday after dinner @ Cantina La Mexicana (review to come). They did a nice job refinishing the space, and have some lots of good choices on tap (I didn't notice anything crazy, but there were maybe a dozen and-a-half beers of the sort you'd find @ The Burren and similar). Sounds like they're looking to have music 7 nights a week. It was pretty busy when we stopped in @ ~9:00, so that bodes well. Pretty much the Tir Na Nog in a bigger space; can't argue w/that. Didn't ask about the menu, but they obvs have a full kitchen, so I'm assuming a decent menu. Basics were always done well @ The Nog.

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              1. re: franksnbeans

                I still miss the Nog's fish and chips, I'll have to get into Precinct soon for a taste test.

                1. re: sailormouth

                  Likewise, I thought the Nog's burger rivaled the best around. Will have to give it a try.

                  1. re: Bob Dobalina

                    Second on the Nog's burger. Friends liked the veggie burgers too. Ah, my mis-spent youth.

              2. Went opening night, hadn't been to that space before, but we really liked it. I guess I'd call it modern industrial. The backroom is just awesome. Huge mirrors, candles, red paint, faux fireplace. Great bartenders and HDTVs to watch the game. Food was reasonably priced and really quite good. DC had shepard's pie ~$12, which he loved. I had the haddock ~$12 with jasmine rice (yum!) and fresh peas (yum!). However, based on just the first night, we're bound to be back.

                Franksnbeans: the beers on tap were well above average (or what's at the Burren): 2 Long Trail--IPA and ale--(VT), BBC Steel Rail (MA), Magic Hat #9 (VT), Wolvars Organic (VT), Lagunitas IPA (CA), Allegash (ME), Victory Hop Devil (PA), Dogfish 60 min (DE), and then your standard Guinness, Bellhaven, and 2 Sam Adams. NO Bud Lite, Coors, etc on draft. I asked the bartender who chose the beer and he said the manager is very dedicated to regional, microbrewed, good beer...hooray!

                Precinct joins Highland Kitchen and Hungry Mother as a restaurant that is dedicated to bringing good beer to the dining scene. Three cheers!