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May 14, 2008 10:45 AM

Frittes space at Neumo's?

Read it somewhere but i can't remember what moved in to the old frittes place at Neumo's.

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        1. re: gregsomers

          It's fabulous and I'm smitten. I've been twice over the last couple of weeks, and have both times been greeted as though I were a friend (but not in that annoying, false, effusive way). The space is teensy, but warm and welcoming. It's not meant to be a sit-down restaurant, so there's only one bench to sit at, and then there are a few places to stand and set your food. Doesn't matter, because the fish is worth it. It's fresh and delicious, and the batter is light and airy, and not too greasy. They have several homemade sauces they offer up with each selection, and they're all delicious.

          I highly recommend it!

      1. it's awesome. monica dimas is the chef - young and personable - she's already had stints at pichet, artemis, and campagne. they get all their fish from mutual fish on rainier, stock mexican coke, and have wine and beer available too. lately they've been out of cod and halibut a lot - but hopefully that will stop. best bets: fried asparagus, the cod, and the oysters.

        1. Is the original chef from clark lewis in this here kitchen by chance?

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          1. re: landguy

            no the chef from clarklewis isn't in the fish fry kitchen, but one of the original owners of clarklewis - michael hebberoy - runs it.

            1. re: WCR

              My partner dragged me back that last night for more of the grilled octopus, and one bite told me why. Yum! Definitely not light, healthy eating, but a great stop for a pub crawl.

              Also, I don't generally like the mass-produced tartar sauce you get at fish places, but their homemade stuff was great.

          2. We ate there last night. There was a show at Neumos, so it was busy but really really excellent. The halibut was great, the steak was good, and the fries were perfect. We ate cheaply and were filled with yum. Would recommend. Does anyone know if they are open for lunch?

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            1. re: blue2000

              They're only open in the evening (unless it's changed in the last couple of weeks). I'm happy to see the space reopen, and it's nice to have some cheap(ish) options in the P-P corridor. One of the best things about the fish fry is they deliver to the Moe Bar next door, a great bar.

              All of that said, I really, really, really miss frites...they had a killer currywurst.