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May 14, 2008 10:36 AM

wedding question

OK, 2nd try at this post! It was removed before, so hopefully this isn't a no no. Just looking for a place with good food on the New England coast for a wedding. I'm not from the area and haven't narrowed it down to a city. I'd prefer to find a great venue and go from there. Possibly 40 guests? Looking for something more informal, possibly a clambake on a beach somewhere. Let me know if you have any chow ideas.

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  1. I have been to a special event at Ballard's on Block Island. It was informal but very good. The location is beautiful and convenient to the ferry to the Point Judith Ferry in Rhode Island. If you want to stay on the mainland, how about Watersedge in Westbrook CT? A little formal but beautiful and convenient. Jay

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      Ballards is awesome and the island is beutiful, twenty minute fast ferry from Galillee:

    2. I recently got married in York, ME. We had our rehersal dinner at Fosters. EXCELLENT clambake, everyone had a great time. The reception was at the York Harbor Reading Room. It's not marked with a sign or anything, but it's directly across the street from the York Harbor Inn. It's built into the cliff and is directly over the water. Everyone was blown away by the location, the food was excellent, and the cost was very reasonable considering the area. Plus the people there were way more flexible than the people we met at the area Inns & Hotels. Good luck with the planning! :)

      1. Thanks for the great suggestions! Please keep them coming. Anything in MA, like Cape Cod or Martha's Vineyard?

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          Check out the Chatham Bars Inn...expensive but nice spot and Chatham is a nice little cape town

        2. Much as I love Ballards, I don't think it's the place for a wedding, for a couple of reasons. I love hanging out drinking there as much as the next guy on a summer Saturday, but the place gets overrun w/a lot of skanky drunks. Second, the food is downright bad. A biker wedding might be a good fit, but that's about it.

          If you truly want to be on the beach, you might want to contact Parks & Recreation Depts of beach towns, then look for catering recs once you have a location.

          My first choice would be The Rotunda at Easton's Beach in Newport. Pics here:

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            Does this mean you've eaten McGrath Clambake catered food? I'd love a hound review!

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              I had McGrath once and wasn't thrilled (May of 2002, and only once). Not horrid but I wasn't impressed. I said on here once that their chowder smelled like chicken soup, so I assumed they used chicken stock instead of fish stock. Someone from the company came on here and said in no uncertain terms they don't do that. While I can't figure out why they'd WANT to (no cost savings I don't think)......I know what chicken soup smells/tastes like.

          2. I am so annoyed that they deleted my first response to you that was part of your first post. If you want to travel further north, here are two places I'd suggest in Maine:

            The Retreat at French's Point in Stockton Springs is on the high end but certainly not at the level of the Chatham Bars Inn. In addition to serving great food, the view is absolutely to die for:

            Another less expensive but perhaps more fun option would be a lobster/clam bake on an island. You can probably do this in Mass. too, but Cabbage Island Clam Bakes is a company I know of in Maine that does it (on Cabbage Island). Your guests would probably stay in Boothbay, which is a very nice coastal resort town.

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              Have you had Cabbage Island Clam Bake food before? I'd love a hound review!

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                I have done the Cabbage Island Clam bake the past two summers and both times walked away with great memories.

                Not sure how a wedding would work but definitely worth looking into. You pick up the ferry in Boothbay, a very nice quaint coastal town, you get an hour long "tour" to the private island. There is one building, with full bar, picnic table style. The lobsters and all other food is prepared outside. They have wait service at the tables to get you drinks and serve the first course, chowder. Then they litterally ring a cow bell and everyone gets in line and lobster is served. The staff will also help you out if you have small children, older adults, broken leg etc. They have horseshoes and volley ball to play on the island.

                O....thinking of it as a wedding venue this came to mind. The bathrooms are extremly small and I mean, when you bend down to sit, you literally hit your head on the wall small. If you are in a wedding gown you will have MAJOR problems!!