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May 14, 2008 10:23 AM

Hokkaido Buffet in Newport

Has anyone been here? Is it okay? I come from a family of non-foodies and whenever we get together, we have to go to a buffet, usually it's Hometown Buffet or sometimes an Asian-type buffet. This weekend we are meeting near my brother's place in Costa Mesa, and since there isn't a Hometown Buffet nearby, unless I can suggest an alternative, we'll be going to Norm's. I'd like to suggest Hokkaido, but only if it's decent.

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  1. i went when they first opened (year or 2 ago?) and it was decent for an asian buffet. heads above todai aka to-die.

    however, if your buffet outings are typically limited to hometown buffet, i'm sure you will love hokkaido. =)

    1. Went to Hokkaido once and thought it was sub-par. Sushi was horrid, and the attempt at Chinese food wasn't good. Only thing worth eating was the fresh fruit.

      There is a Hometown Buffet in Santa Ana on Bristol, in a shopping center where there used to be a Hollywood Video and Circuit City.

      I try to avoid buffets nowadays, but one of the few I will still go to is Sumo Sushi, just north of the South Coast mall. The sushi there was decent.

      Home Town Buffet
      2321 S Bristol St, Santa Ana, CA 92704

      Sumo Sushi & Seafood Buffet
      1500 W MacArthur Blvd, Santa Ana, CA 92704

      1. Ohhh, Norm's...I feel for you.

        Don't suppose you can meet for Sunday Brunch??

        Does your family like Mexican? Taco Rosa (in Newport Beach, 5-10 mins from CM) does a very good brunch (10am - 1:30pm) on Sundays, $13.95, all you can eat and endless champagne. Also have an omlette bar, along with typical Mexican fare.

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          2nd the rec for Taco Rosa. Although the OP did not specify whether they were eating on Saturday or Sunday, and Taco Rosa only does the brunch on Sunday. Still could eat there on saturday, but no buffet-style deals.

          1. re: I got nothin

            The reason we go to buffets is because of my dad. He's extremely frugal and extremely picky. He doesn't think anything is cooked unless it's completely overcooked (steak has to be brown all the way through and veggies have to be moosh or he'll refuse to eat because "it ain't cooked!") and he has a complete fit if the food is not to his liking, so we accommodate him. My mom has spoiled him for 40+ years and he'd rather eat at home than at a restaurant. When we all went to Outback years ago, he ordered the fish and would't eat it because it was too spicy, (he gulped water, made "hot" faces, etc...) so Mexican food is not an option. The other reason we go to buffets is because some of my teenage relatives are indecisive and it infuriates him that they can't decide what to order. Also, he always drinks water and it drives him nuts that they order extras, like soda. At a buffet, he doesn't have to witness the indecisiveness of ordering and since everything is included (drinks, salad, dessert) he is happy. Meals at Norm's also include the extras, so they're okay in his book.

            1. re: GSDlove

              As someone said, I feel for you... luckily my relatives that are like that are in Wisconsin, and luckily they do do buffets. You're making me count my blessings :)

              Taco Rosa's brunch doesn't need to be spicy - the omelettes are made to order and dessert is churros and I believe a chocolate fountain. Their brunch buffet menu is probably on their website.