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May 14, 2008 10:16 AM

Just moved to Cedar Park...any suggestions?

We just moved to Cedar Park from Dallas & are looking for chow up here in suburbia. We love Mexican (I like New Mexican, hubby prefers Tex-Mex), steak, BBQ, Italian (including, but not limited to Pizza). Not too keen on seafood, Asian. Any suggestions?

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  1. The original comment has been removed
    1. As far as New Mexican I guess Chuey's would be the closest in RR

      1. Jardin Corona in Cedar Park is really good and often has 2 for 1 coupons in Valpak.
        They also make killer mexican martinis

        Reale's is good Italian near Anderson Mill Road.

        Hoover's country cooking in the same shopping center is good too.

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          Jardin Del Ray is the same restaurant as Jardin Corona owned by the same guy. I've tried both the one in Leander is better in my opinion. Enjoyed their Mole

        2. If you'll do a search of this board and use the key word "cedar park" you'll find a long and recent string about cedar park restaurants.

          The bbq place on 1431 across from WalMart is very good J&J. Also Smoky Mo's is good.

          There are several good places in the new Ranch 66 Shopping Center - the one with the Target and movie theater. The pizza place is good.

          IMO the best pizza is just 2 minutes up 183 in Leander at Saccone's but Reale's is also very good and has a full italian menu.

          1. Thanks guys! These sound great--I can't wait to try all these.

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              I see a couple of things missing.

              Texican tends to lean towards El Paso style Mexican food which I think is similar to New Mexican, which you specified as your preference. Atmosphere is fairly nice and they do have a nice patio for this area. My experience has been hit or miss but... it was miss when they first opened a couple of years ago and I stayed away. The past two recent visits have been hits.

              I do really like Jardin Corona for Tex Mex... Be advised, this place is not pristine. The food is tasty, the staff is friendly and the price is right, but... For something only slightly more upscale, I would select Mesa Rosa on RR 620. If you have kiddos, there is a great outdoor space.

              For Italian, Reale's is certainly the best locally owned spot around. It's just a couple of minutes south of Cedar Park on 183. If you like a white sauce, try the Genovese pasta. I love their house salad dressing which is a simple red wine vinaigrette with some extra pizzazz. The pizza also gets mostly rave reviews.

              I like Nino's and Rudino's for pizza, as well, both on the outskirts in NW Austin almost in Cedar Park. Saccone’s (currently in Leander but opening soon at Volente) provides excellent Jersey pizza. I prefer it well done.

              No great steak or BBQ that I can recall... For Steak, chains like Texas Land and Cattle and Texas Roadhouse have to suffice if there’s no time to drive… if there is a little time, however, Mesa Ranch in Northwest Hills is quite good and friendlier on the budget than most of that caliber. I tried Smokey Mo’s for BBQ and wasn’t wowed by the food… I’m still ready to try J & J which is the place on the south soide of 1431 that was mentioned previously.