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May 14, 2008 09:46 AM

Gluten Free Montreal?

Does anyone know of any places that offer gluten free meals or perhaps even a gluten free restaurant?

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  1. There's a new raw vegan place on Rachel called Crudessence that probably has gluten-free items on their menu. They sell gluten-free groceries at Rachelle-Bery but I don't know of a restaurant in the city that is gluten-free. You could try looking for gluten-free things to eat in ethnic restaurants i.e. Indian or Chinese or Greek.

    Here is a link for a gluten-free bakery in the area:

    They might know a lot more about gluten-free places too.

    1. Here is a year's work of searching for gluten free food in Montreal:

      4050 Coloniale (at the corner of Duluth, I believe)
      I've been to Fuschia once and didn't have a meal but gluten-free cookies (and they weren't bad!). I talked to the owner and she seems to have a solid awareness and knowledge of the gluten allergy and said that she always tries to have a gluten-free option available even for meals. The menu changes daily (one meal and a dessert for something like $10) so my advice would be to check to make sure it's something that is A) gluten-free or B) could be amended to be gluten-free just to be on the safe side. Either way, if you do go, please tell me how it went! The restaurant has just one communal table, so I haven't been able to overcome the fear of actually having to talk to strangers (gasp!). I also heard rumours that they have gluten-free cupcakes.

      La Bouchée de Pain
      910 Duluth E
      Be cautious here. This bakery usually has at least one gluten-free option (either a brownie or a lemon square), however you must keep in mind that it is a bakery and there is the threat of cross-contamination. Be sure that you remind them to use a separate, clean utensil. The friendly woman who I believe to be the owner (correct me if I am wrong) is cautious and aware of gluten allergies, however not everyone is...

      212 Notre Dame St. W
      I’ve been to Aszu twice and absolutely love it. Gluten-free options are available on the website, however, once you actually go to the restaurant you’ll see that the menu is different and gluten-free options are not listed. Nevertheless, the waiter (who I had both times) was very knowledgeable and I had no problems. The first time they made a gluten-free almond cookie for dessert; the second time they had gluten-free crackers to go alongside the regular bread. Excellent restaurant.

      Various locations
      This chain of restaurants is essentially a vegetarian buffet where you pay by weight. I’ve never eaten here so I can’t comment on the quality, however I do know that they list gluten-free options. Still, the possibility of cross-contamination exists since the gluten-free options are not isolated.

      1748 Notre-Dame St. W
      I’ve eaten here once. Many gluten-free options; the chef on the night I went was well aware of all limitations. There are also gluten-free muffins and various soups and pre-packaged meals. That being said, I didn’t think the quality was exceptionally high (I had a vegetarian burger) and I thought the menu was over-priced.

      Casa Pescara
      6752 Sherbrooke E
      I’ve never been to this restaurant, however I’ve heard that it has many gluten-free options.

      Also, here is a list of restaurants at which I haven’t had a problem. Be sure to be clear and detailed about what a gluten-free diet involves (using an allergy card could be useful), however I’ve been fortunate and most wait staffs seem exceptionally knowledgeable: Laloux, Au Pied de Cochon (though, sadly there aren’t many options), Chez L’Épecier, Lemeac, BU, Bronte.


      - Metro (various locations) carries a new line of gluten-free products (including frozen meals such as lasagna) called Allergium ( I’ve only tried the baguette and it’s, well, gluten-free bread. However, once you’ve had some brie and wine you may start to forget!
      - Both Loblaws and Rachelle-Bery carry a gluten-free beer called La Messagère (
      - KinnikinnickFoods ( has by far the best gluten-free products I’ve come by. You can order online and shipping’s only $10 no matter how much you order.

      In short, I’ve found that Montreal has surprisingly few gluten-free options (compared to other cities such as Toronto or New York). Luckily, most restaurants are aware of the allergy and do go out of their way to make amendments. Best of luck! I may be forgetting a couple of places…if I can remember I’ll also post those.

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        Explevi, thanks, so much for this very comprehensive post! Greatly appreciate you sharing your wealth of research, it'll be a great resource. Thanks again!

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          Thank you so much, this is really helpfull.

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            I noticed that now offers a list of restaurants that have 'gluten free dishes available' ( I'm not sure entirely what that entails (seeing as only a handful of the restaurants listed have a gluten free menu or a menu that lists gluten free options), but I will assume that it means that they are aware of the restrictions of a gluten free diet. I noticed two restaurants that have gluten-free menus that haven't yet been mentioned:

            Restaurant Pizza Villa
            6672 Papineau Ave.

            Marché Serafim
            393, rue Saint-Paul E

            I have never been to either so I can't vouch for their quality.

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              Urbanspoon also offers the search feature "gluten-free friendly" on their site:

          2. Certain irony in the fact that Montreal does not seem as "gluten free proactive" as other cities. As a NYer and frequent Montreal visitor, I have ordered many gluten free provisions from Canada since I was diagnosed almost 20 years ago. What I appreciate is how allergy and celiac aware most places tend to be.
            I have never gone hungry. Even at PDC, I have been well fed. Moishes too. And forgive me, but nothing beats Dairy Queen!!! They never look at you funny when you ask them to wipe off the blenders!

            1. The original comment has been removed
              1. Nobody seems to have mentioned Zero8 on St-Denis (1735, rue St-Denis; I discovered this restaurant by accident last February - initially I was very sceptical about it because of the rather touristy location, but it definitely impressed me from the beginning.

                They explain, very thoroughly, which ingredients they avoid and how strict they are. This is not only just gluten-free restaurant - they try to address 8 major allergies, if I remember correctly.

                Anyway, on another day I came back with a relative and he ordered pasta. When he was eating it and praising it we suddenly looked at each other asking the same question - how can there be pasta on the menu? So we asked our waiter and he said it was made from corn. The taste and texture were excellent.

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                  Good addition to this thread, thanks for your report. The reason it probably wasn't mentioned is that this thread is from May 2008 and I think Zero8 opened after that, not sure exactly when.

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                    Someone just made a comment on this place on another website:

                    A La Miche et La Quiche Sans Gluten
                    450, boul. De Mortagne coin Montarville
                    Rive-Sud, Québec, J4B 1B8

                    Il y a une variete de plats, patisseries, pains, viennoiseries sans gluten. C'est le paradis pour les personnes celiaques. Je ne le suis pas, mais je les adore tout de meme!

                    (Kind of far but seems decent!)

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                      Rue Frontenac posted a review of Zero8 on June 12, 2010 (in French)


                      According to the review, the menu does not contain anything that has: peanuts or nuts, fish and seafood, sesame, milk, soy, eggs, wheat and other gluten-containing grains such as oats, rye, tritical, barley.

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                          Nope. See menu screenshot. (click to see full version)