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May 14, 2008 09:44 AM

Bad Bad News! Mei Lai Wah is not reopening afterall...

Based on Eater again:

This is not funny at all, Eater...

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    1. I was afraid of this. Sometimes, when a restaurant goes out of business, they put out a "closed for renovations, opening soon" sign because otherwise every creditor will demand immediate payment.

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      1. re: Brian S

        This case was a little different. The first sign put up by the owner (as opposed to the city) said the place was history ...

        The renovation sign appeared only after a few weeks ...

        1. re: squid kun

          OH great.

          Who ever takes over has some pret-ty big shoes to fill.

          It won't be the same without the original staffs working behind the counter. I miss them already.

      2. I knew it!!!!!!!
        I felt like a party pooper when I wrote earlier that I wasn't about to get my hopes up. Now I see that my instincts were right (unfortunately).

        1. hate when that happens, it is usuaklly a must do when we drive down from Boston, now where can we get good siopaos?

          1. That is one of the few places that has been around since I was a kid(it was older than me). That really suxs big time! They had great coffee too!