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May 14, 2008 09:35 AM

Japanese salad dressing - where to find?

I was at Tak E Sushi on Front St. for lunch yesterday and had perhaps the best salad dressing ever. It was quite garlicky, but balanced nicely with the miso based dressing. I should have asked where they got their dressing. Does anyone know? I've tried various miso based versions at Loblaws and other supermarket chains but they're never quite as good. Recommendations?

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  1. There used to be a decent one at Cosco, sold in packs of two, but I haven't been there in over a year.

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      Costco was clearing these at $4 when I was in a month ago.

    2. It's quite possible that they make their own at Take Sushi. You should give them a call. It isn't the kind of state secret that would put them out of business if they gave away the recipe.

      If you're looking for bottled Japanese dressings and are downtown, Lively Life in the basement of the St Lawrence Market has a reasonable selection.

      1. Sanko at Queen Street West and Claremont (Niagara) have all sorts of food items imported from Japan. They would most certainly have various Japanese salad dressings. They also have terrific pickled ginger.

        1. I once had a fabulous Salad dressing at a Japanese Restaurant on King just East of Spadina...I commented to the chef how much I liked was their house made Dressing...but he sold me a container take away very cheaply....ask them if they'll do the same...agree don't like Dressings in a bottle...Miranda

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            At the sushi stand at loblaws (bento neuvo), they sell a japanese vinagrette in a bottle. Not sure if its the dressing you speak of, but it sure is delicious. I use it to dip veggies.

          2. I've recently tasted facsimiles of the old Benihana ginger dressing that's come back around again. Recipes widely available online.

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              People have said the same thing about the dressing at Mye restaurant in Oakville. As a result the owner has bottled a few varieties and sells them at the restaurant. I think they are also available in specialty food stores - but you could always check out their website or call and ask where there is a location near you.