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May 14, 2008 08:46 AM

Fried chicken and waffle at Lucky's Oh my!

So last night I head into Luckys to have a burger or something and a beer or two. I see that on the new menu they have fried chicken and a waffle. Being a true southerner I had to order it.

OH MY! it was beyond good. The chicken was perfectly moist and flavourful. the fried skin was seasoned with a very corn flake like breading and wonderful herbs with a little almost chili kick to it. The waffle was very nice, a little crispy but not over cooked, however it could have been a bit warmer.
The lavender maple syrup was a great addition and a great way to calm the spice of the chicken.

there was mashed potato on the plate as well, however I did not need that as I ate every bite of the chicken and waffle.

It was amazing! and I may even return tonight for another one!

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  1. No Lucky's in South Boston? I just want to make sure I'm thinking of the same place where I sometimes have drinks with friends after work. The place with no sign out front, near Ft Pt Channel? If so, I know what I'm ordering the next time I go there!!

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      it is no secret that in general I have been a fan on their food, but seriously, THIS was worth logging on and typing about. SO FREAKING GOOD....and besides, where else can you get fried chicken and a waffle????....if you know of some where tell me... asap

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        Debbie, I 100% share your enthusiasm and passion for this news - I shall be doing some chowvestigative reporting shortly. :)

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          Alas, now that Bob the Chef's is gone, perhaps this is the last place one can get the chik-n-waffle combo!

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            Gargoyle's currently has chicken & waffles on the bar menu and also on their Sunday brunch menu (not sure how long it will be there). My sister absolutely loved it. I thought it was tasty but perhaps a little cloying and heavy. It had a maply gravy with little chunks of ham.

        2. I tried some food there for the first time in years. I thought the wings and mini burgers were outstanding. The food was much better than the previous time I ate there. They must have reconcentrated their efforts on the kitchen.

          1. The original comment has been removed
            1. Truly a dish that makes you proud to be an American. First time I had it was in NYC and it was served with both gravy and syrup. Awesome; I fell in love. Last time I had it was at Neptune, pre-Nevins' departure, and it came with fig syrup. Lavender sounds like a neat contrast too.
              Lucky's always was way better than it had to be.

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              1. re: tatamagouche

                You know, that is a perfect description of Lucky's food: Better than it had to be. I've always known it as a bar....then when I get food to go with the drinks, the quality is surprisingly good for food one gets at a bar.

                1. re: Ralphie_in_Boston

                  I have had it both with gravy, a maple gravy and with just syrup. i prefer the syrup. I guess I eat a few bites of chix and then dunk the waffle bite.

                  ok drooling again. has anyone been to check it out?

              2. Is there a T stop close to Lucky's? Is the best way to take the Red Line to South Station, then walk past the Children's Museum?

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                  Yes, that is the best way, and it is a really short walk from South Station.