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Oct 24, 2002 02:08 PM

Anyone tried Firefly Bistro??

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Was thinking of checkin' this place out....Irene V gave positive review, and it is so close to home. I did try the restaurant that was at that location previous to Firefly, and I was not impressed. I can't remember the name of it, but it was a mediocre restaurant disguised as fine dining. The menu was uninteresting, the servers seemed like they had never worked anywhere but Denny's, and it was overpriced to boot. Am hoping this new place will fill that spot with good eats.

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  1. The former tenant was "Nick's"...and agreed, it seemed overrated and I had only "okay" fish, nothing that made me pass over Bistro 45, Parkway Grill, etc. to go running back. Also, I liked the indoor/outdoor concept in summer, but am wondering if it's warm enough for those of us known to suffer in cold climates?

    1. I happened to eat there last Saturday. It was chilly outside, but it OK inside with long sleeves. By 9:00 the place was empty, and I don't think that it was ever full.

      Overall, I was impressed. The word "creative" pretty much sums up the menu. The chef is from Border Grill, but it is hard to describe the style beyond just fusion. The service was fine, but perhaps a bit distracted.

      The Moraccan chicken was amazingly flavorful. Not your usual boring chicken dish to placate the masses. I forgot what the others had, but all of the salads were a cut above the ordinary. The wine list was small, but with some real gems and reasonably priced. I'm not a big dessert person, but the ones that we had were outstanding.

      Also, for what it is worth, the LA Times gave it a positive review this week.

      1. I've only been there on a few weekdays during the summer when it's been really busy. The bar in back was crowded. There was a nice mix of young Hollywood, older studio types and locals. I remember I loved the filet mignon which I'm told is hit or miss--luckily I hit that night. The service was a bit slow but pleasant. Haven't been since the weather cooled down and am curious to see how the outdoor dining room is staying warm. Would love to hear a recent review.

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          is this referring to the Firefly on Ventura Blvd. in Studio City (the Firefly Bistro is in South Pasadena which doesn't have a bar per my read of the reviews)thanks.

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            Firefly Bistro in South Pasadena (on El Centro, a block from the cute little Gold Line train station) DOES now have a wine bar. Excellent ambiance, excellent food! My fave is the shrimp & grits. (One of the chefs is from Kentucky... that Southern boy knows his shrimp & grits!) I highly recommend it. Note, however, that the bar has only a beer/wine license... no hard liquor. The bartender, though, does excellent things using soju as a vodka substitute. The cosmo, for instance, is an excellent cocktail there, though with only about half the alcohol content of a "real" cosmo.

        2. i used to work there. honestly its hit or miss. its never busy except mothers and fathers day and new years. good food, i suggest going there on a thursday, from when i was there they had Tapas on thursdays because of the farmers market right in front. thats the best bet. lots of different plates for $2-$4 each, soo you can try many different items, and not be stuck with a whole plate you dont like. good luck!

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            I have to agree with the previous post. Things are hit or miss. We only go on thursday's to Tapa's night. Plates used to be around 2 to 4 but are a little more now. The best thing I had there was the brussel sprouts with lemon the first time I was there. It hasn't that good since then. I would only go if you were in the area. Good but not great.

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              oh the brussel sprouts! its soooo easy to make! just cut the brussel sprouts in 1/2, melt the butter, add the sprouts, when the butter is almost obsorbed in the sprouts, addmore butter, continue2-3 times, then take off the flame and hit it with a splash of lemon juice. oh, dont forget the s & p in the beginning. oh yummie. ( make sure you get some burned edges on the sprouts, thats the best)