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May 14, 2008 08:41 AM

Great slice of pizza or other NY style snacks between Saratoga Springs and Albany

I'll be visiting upstate New York this weekend from San Francisco....most of my meals are planned already, but on Sunday afternoon I'll be driving from Saratoga Springs down to the Albany airport. The pizza in San Francisco isn't that great (IMO), and I would love to find a decent slice of pizza while I'm in the there anything worthwhile? Otherwise, what about other foods that are harder to find in California that are good in Albany?

I like New York Style pizza - thin crust and good (not too sweet) sauce are key. I'm looking more for an informal pizzeria for a slice, not a fancy sit-down place. Willing to go slightly out of the way if necessary.

Any ideas?

Dave MP

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  1. Hi Dave,
    Pizza is such a personal choice but may I recommend Milano in Latham, especially for lunch. It is upscale for sit down but the wood fired pizza can't be beat. For a more hometown feel for the pizza there are several in Saratoga, Moreno's, D'Andrea's and Nunzio's. All just off Broadway, main street, in Saratoga. I really like Testo's in Troy, north Troy actually but that may be because it is so close to my house....good luck, let me know where you try.....jim

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      Sunday afternoon will limit you jut a bit a some joints aren't open for lunch. Latham is close to the airport and has a few unique places in addition to Milano's: Ted's Fish Fry (a unique treat to the Albany area), and Bella Napoli Bakery (a great local bakery, you could make a mall fortune reselling cannolis on the flight !). Besides Milano's, I'm not sure about the pizza scene in that area.

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        Definitely do the Bella Napoli thing, unfortunately Vanilla Bean closed recently. Forgot Ted's for a fry...

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          Not Pizza- but upstate NY food . PJ's BBQ. Try the beef on weck and logenberry.

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            Bella Napoli sounds great....I called them and they don't have pizza on Sundays unless you pre-order a whole one. But picking up some pastries sounds like a good idea - are there are particular ones I should be sure to try?

            I will probably get some pizza in Saratoga at some point too.

            Thanks, I'll report back!

            Dave MP

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              Just go in and mix up a dozen or so mixed pastries. I personally like the French canollis and the almond cookies. The make a great mixed Italian sandwich also. Enjoy !

      2. Just wanted to report back that I had a nice trip to Saratoga Springs.

        We had dinner on Friday at Karavalli - I thought it was very good. My favorite dishes included:

        masala dosa (very thin paper dosa), filling was pretty good, sambar was also good, not anything amazing. Liked the coconut chutney more than the onion chutney.

        daal - very gingery and good.

        whole fish - delicious sauce, fish was large and cooked perfectly.

        We had several other things: vindaloo, Keralan shrimp dish, other vegetable dishes, chickpea salad, naan, etc. All pretty good - nice change of pace from the more common Punjabi/North Indian food.

        Over the course of the weekend, we enjoyed a quarter-keg of root beer from the Saratoga Brewing Company. Excellent, and the 1/4 keg is a steal at only 20 or so dollars!

        On my way to the airport in Albany on Sunday, we went to Bella Napoli. This place is great to know about - it's right next to the airport. I got an Italian sub to go - I thought this was good, but not great - mainly wasn't crazy about the bread. I also got some pinenut cookies, ruggalah, and custard filled pastries to bring back to San Francisco - some of these got squished during my two day trip (due to air traffic control, I spent a day in Cleveland!) but the smaller cookies made it all the way back intact., and my co-workers and I really enjoyed them.

        Thanks to everyone for suggestions!

        Dave MP

        Karavalli Regional Cuisine
        47 Caroline St, Saratoga Springs, NY 12866

        Olde Saratoga Brewing Co
        131 Excelsior, Saratoga A Saratoga Springs, NY

        Bella-Napoli Italian Bakery
        672 New Loudon Rd, Latham, NY