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May 14, 2008 08:39 AM

Pizza on Cape Ann

Our favorite pizza place used to be La Rosa's in East Gloucester but since the change in ownership, the pizza has lost its fabulous-ness. We tried Maria's last week and were really disappointed. It was nothing special, even a little flavorless.

We like a thin crust and not too greasy. Any recs?

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  1. Not thin crust, but very tasty and with a good crispy crust, try La Trattoria on Main St. in Gloucesta or in Ipswich Riverside, excellent.

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    1. re: treb

      I adore Riverview and get there when I can. I'm so lazy and tired on Friday nights, I'm looking for something closer to East Glo. I'll definitely try La Trattoria. Many thanks.

      1. re: resipsaloquitor

        Give it a try, the entrees are also very good, I like his red sauce, had eggplant parm last time, I couldn't finish it, excellent and very reasonable.

    2. Captain Hook's in Gloucester was our local when we lived there--the sauce is different, kind of sweet, but really good. Nothing fancy but tastes great.

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        Thanks for idea. I love your screen name!

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          Captain Hook's is also a decent destination for lobster rolls and fried seafood.

        2. I've had La Rosa's twice since the change in ownership and we thought it was better than before. The ingredients seemed fresher and I like the crust (kind of had a Veggie Planet-like tasting crust), but I thought it could have used a little more time in the oven both times. Next time I will try ordering well done. I like thin & non-greasy too. This fit the non-greasy bill, but it is not a classic thin crust.

          La Trattoria did not do it for me but I only tried it once. Seemed really underdone. I really like Riverview in Ipswish too. I also think Espresso's on Main St G is pretty good. Espresso's seems most like a classic Italian thin crust. Service & ambiance really lack there but not a necessity for take out.

          I've been curious about Willow Rest. They advertise brick oven pizza.

          I tried pizza at Zoe's tapas bar in Beverly recently. The place is lovely with a great long bar, good wine/beer/cocktails, but the pizza was pretty bad. Tasted like fast food pizza.

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            Excellent idea about ordering the pizza from La Rosa's well done. Maybe that's what it tastes a little different.

            I haven't been to Espressor's in such a long time. What are your thoughts on Leonardo's?

            Ah, the Willow Rest. A visit to 1954.

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              Never tried Leonardo's but I think my husband did and was not impressed. As bgavin said, I miss Sal's.

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              Re Willowrest...did it once , just awful and it takes alot for me to throw out a pizza...soogy not fresh ingredients and basically inedible

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                If you really want 'off the hook' pizza, try Angela's Coal Fired on Rte 1 in Saugus.

                1. re: treb

                  we tried Angela's once and I liked the sauce and the toppings esp the ratio but the crust reminded me of pita bread...and as I was thinking it another person sitting next to us at the bar said the same thing out loud ! Am I off here ??

              2. Makes me miss Sal's.
                You want lazy? Me, walking down to Rockport House of Pizza.

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                  What's your favorite restaurant in Rockport? We've had mixed luck there.

                2. BTW, for anyone who likes to pick up pizza dough and make their own... I got a dough from the refrigerator case at Sclafani's on Washington St. It made a great pizza on my pizza stone!

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                    Thanks, that's a great idea. I like to make mini-vegetarian pizzas at home. I keep forgetting about Sclafani's but so many people rave about the food.