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May 14, 2008 08:24 AM

Tamales To Go?

I need a good source for a large quantity (about 200) of tamales. I can order several weeks in advance and I'd prefer different varieties -- pork, chicken, and chile cheese, if possible. I live in Lancaster area but would be willing to go toward Philly or anywhere within an hour or two to procure them. I know there are lots of authentic Mexican establishments around Kennett Square that might be worth checking out.

Recommendations, Chowhounds?

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  1. Mi Ranchita in Souderton has amazing prices and quality. I just got food from there tonite and it was really yummy. I think I have a menu somewhere if you would like their phone number.

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      Yes, please! What have you eaten there that you recommend? And do you happen to know the varieties of tamales that they sell?

      1. re: madametart

        Hi! Here is the original post that sent me to try this wonderful place:
        I thought I would spread the word that there is a new Mexican/Guatamalan restaurant in Souderton. It is called Mi Ranchita and it is in Souderton. It is a tiny hole in the wall place without a proper sign. I've eaten there three time and loved it every time. The food was fresh and light and super cheap! So far I have had a few tostadas at $1 each! My friends ordered soft tacos and refried beans and gave them a thumbs up.

        If you are looking for it, it is located on Broad Street in Souderton a few doors down from the movie theater (currently under renovation) and directly next door to Duane's Salon.
        I think they have only one kind of tamales but since you are getting so many they might be willing to make a variety. I have gotten two take out menus from there but I guess I gave them both away, so I'll be forced to go back this weekend. :) My favorite so far is the mexicana tostada on the appetizer section of the menu. It comes with chopped seasoned chicken, lettuce, tomato and a fresh perfect slice of avocado. I think it is 1.50 but I will have to refresh my memory with another trip. The beef soft taco is very good too. I'll pick up a menu with a phone number.

        1. re: givemecarbs

          Appetizer prices are OK, but normal full meals are not what I would call "super cheap". Also I would consider the foods more "South American" then Mexican. I spent part of 3 summers in Ecuador and found the food on the menu at Mi Ranchita, was much like what I ate in Ecuador. If your looking for spicy food, this IS NOT the place to go. Good. authentic, S. American food.

          1. re: soudertonguy

            Thanks! Now I really have to go back on saturday as your comments have intrigued me. What are the most authentic dishes that they offer? I am trying to learn more about cuisines from other countries. Thanks in advance for your advice, I can't wait!

    2. El Sombrero on 41 in Avondale has a small grocery store with a take out dept and they sell fresh and frozen tamales. I always see Mexican workers buying them when I stop there, but haven't tried them personally. I have had other Mexican take out from that store and it is always good. They own the Mexican restaurant next door as well.

      1. It has been awhile since I went there, but Famous Mexican Restaurant in Coatesville on Route 30 used to have tamales by the dozen. I think they at least had chicken and pork.
        Famous Mexican Restaurant
        340 E Lincoln Hwy
        Coatesville, PA 19320
        (610) 384-4744