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May 14, 2008 08:12 AM

Bocelli - Chestnut Hill

Has anyone been there lately? Has it improved? Previous posts weren't very positive.

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  1. Did they leave the Gwynedd train station for new digs or is this a second restaurant? Is his the same restaurant as the one I am thinking of? Still BYOB?

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    1. re: Schpsychman

      This is the same people, second restaurant. BYOB.

      1. re: Schpsychman

        A friend was just recommending the Gwynedd location to me. Does anyone have anything positive to say about the one in Chestnut Hill? How bad can it be with the same owners?

      2. I loved the atmosphere, but have now been there a twice and found the food very average.
        As another review described it all sounds amazing on the menu but when it comes out it is really not very good.
        Italian food is difficult because so many people make it at home. I feel like we eat better Italian food every week at home than in this restaurant. we are not Italian.
        i really want it to get better, but so far both visits (last time in May/June 08) it was not there yet.
        The service the first time was great, but the second we had this really obnoxious waiter who kept interupting our conversations.... Kind of put me off. I doubt he will last there; the other staff and owners seem to understand much better.

        I wish them all the luck and really hope it comes around.

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        1. re: alex on Chow

          Thanks. Sorry that this place and Cuba are disappointments. The only restaurants I like in Chestnut Hill are Citrus and Cake (and they only serve dinner on Thursdays). Seems like this would be a great location for more good restaurants. Cafette is okay but they never seem to change their menu.

          1. re: JanR

            Cafette actually changes its menu twice a year. The spring/summer one has been in effect for a couple of months. And they always have special. Our one complaint is that the food can be a tad overpriced -- the new falafel entree is tasty, yes, but $17 for falafel?

            Totally agree that Cake is excellent for breakfast/brunch/lunch -- are they still doing dinner on Thursdays? We tried that and were disappointed; not up to their standard. Hoping someone else has been and can report that they've improved!

            1. re: kagoo

              I couldnt agree with you more about Cafette. They are overpriced. The food is hit or miss. The last time I was there they served my entree burned on the bottom, it was meatloaf and it was black and charred. I couldnt believe anyone would serve a customer something like that.
              I really love Citrus, their food is always fantastic. Cake makes excellent cake!

              1. re: thehungrything

                Cafette had horrible service and okay food the last time I was there. Granted, our party all showed up at different times, and we took up a large table outdoors for a long period of time, but we waiting for over an hour to have our food served and they never even brought us bread! We had to ask for it.

                I am pretty sure our server was fresh out of High School for the summer and had never waited tables a day in his life before we had him, but it was truly terrible. The bus boy was way more helpful to our table then the waiter. We complained and they comped us deserts.

                There were plenty of other little things that were bothersome, but not worth totally dragging Cafetee through the mud... but compairing our service to the table next to us, we were treated like 2nd class citizens. yuck! It was also pricy aconsidering the portions were on the smallside and the food was just average.

                I do love Citrus, my favorite place in CH. It's tiny so I always expect to wait, but I love the food, so it's cool with me. I also don;t mind the animal rights vibe, it goes along with my ethics.

                I have never been to Cake, but I am very intrested in it now! It's my next stop!

              2. re: kagoo

                Cake is still doing the Thursday dinners. I was underwhelmed the first time I tried it, but changed my opinion on subsequent visits. I think they improved greatly after the first few weeks.

            2. re: alex on Chow

              Finally decided to try Bocelli for myself. I will admit my expectations were low due to unenthuiastic posts on this board, but I was pleasantly surprised. As alex says, the atmosphere is very nice. Also, the wine glasses they provide are much nicer than you will find at most byob's at this price level. I was afraid the place would be empty, as it always seemed to be when I drove by around 5:30 or so. At 6:30pm on a Thursday night it was full. Most importantly, the food was good. I think I'm fairly fussy about marinara sauce. My eggplant parmigiana was excellent. My companion had a fish dish which he liked very much. He did say, however, that he thought their other place in Gwynedd is more atmospheric (I've never been there). We both had cannolli. Also good. I'm usually wary of ordering that since it's so often bad. Overall, a good experience and a relief to find somewhere to go in Chestnut Hill, with Cuba being a disappointment and Citrus closing :-(.

              1. re: JanR

                Had dinner at Boccelli’s last night in Chestnut Hill. We had a very good meal. When we were seated, our wine was immediately opened and poured(and the wine glasses are in fact very nice). We were then brought two small pieces of Italian bread with bruschetta, which was excellent. For an appetizer, we shared the calamari in a fra Diablo sauce. This was not deep fried, and the sauce was simple marinara, a little spice. Overall very good and something my wife really enjoyed (she doesn’t like spicy food as much as me).

                For entrée, my wife had black lobster ravioli, which was excellent, though the creamy alla vodka sauce was a little heavy/rich. I had salmon stuffed with crabmeat, with the same or similar sauce. The salmon was cooked right, and the crabmeat had a nice flavor. Again, very good, though I think the dish would have been excellent with a lighter sauce.

                We shared a cannolli for dessert. Very good service (though it was uncroweded late on a sunday evening).

                Our entrees were specials and priced around $23. Many of the regular menu entrees are about $16 to $18.

                I realize a place like this can be hit or miss. But for a neighborhood joint, with friendly service, I will keep working through the menu and find what works.