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May 14, 2008 07:50 AM

Great lunch place near Botanical Gardens(Bronx)

SF hounds heading to NYC and plan a trip to the gardens. Please advise a great lunch place within walking distance of the gardens.

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  1. we just got this evening from a nice day there, and forget about eating anything there in their little cafes, just airplane terminal food, kind of a shame given all the terrific Italian deli type places nearby on Arthur Avenue. Not sure about walking distance, because it's a bit of a far walk but very close by all these Italian spots around there..just made my first trip up there last week and today, and have had some pretty good stuff. Check out the Arthur Avenue threads, including the one I posted last week for Bronx Zoo, Arthur Ave--there are several places listed there. It's sort of pleasant to just bring something there and eat in there picnic style at their outside tables, so maybe you could just bring something that you pick up on your way instead of doing a whole sit down lunch, and then maybe hit Arthur Avenue afterwards for dinner. Just a thought, because the place is pretty big, and they've also got a nice gift shop so if you're having a long lunch, you might be cutting your time too short if you get there after lunch time.

    1. When my brother - in law comes to NY for a visit he always wants a great slice of pizza! I would have to say that Athur Ave. is the obvious place to hit up, but more specifically I think you should head straight to Trattoria Zero Otto Nove. I went there for the first time recently and was blown away.
      check out my review! Hope you enjoy your trip!

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        I second the recommendation for Zero Otto Nove - delicious pizza and pasta dishes in a very inviting and warm space.