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May 14, 2008 07:18 AM

Teaching College Kids to Cook

A bunch of guys I study want me to teach them how to cook. Right now they are experienced in making pancakes and something they call Adobo chicken. What should I start out with? Something yummy and impressive while cost effective.

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  1. shrimp creole or shrimp scampi - teach them how to cook for a date

    pot roast - teach them how to cook for a family

    spinach lasagne - teach them how to cook for a vegetarian

    1. Is adobo chicken the Filipino-style braise or chicken sprinkled with copious amounts of Sazón brand adobo? If it's the former, it might indicate that they're open to a wider array of flavors. But for starters my grad school buddies enjoy good:
      lasagne - cheese or meat
      roasts - the bigger the better
      easy desserts - trifles, simple cakes, flan, puddings
      chili - and really anything spicy

      1. Cost effective would be
        - pork tenderloin. There is a great grilled pork tenderoin with orange chipotle sauce at
        -roasted chicken or, if you have a barbecue, beer can chicken
        -making your own dried beans/lentils
        -grilled fresh veggies
        -fresh fruit crisp
        -grilled fruits on the barbecue

        1. Teach them how to cook inexpensive things, because they will be on a budget. A long cooking item needs to be serve at least two meals because of the trouble.

          Here are my suggestions:

          Roast chicken, or cut-up chicken with rosemary, lemon and garlic
          Pork loin - roasted with different kinds of seasonings. I like a Terriyaki marinade as well as a garlic/cumin seasoning
          Beef Brisket as a pot roast with potatoes and carrots and onions
          Meatballs - sandwiches or pasta
          Catfish or Tilapia -- paneed and finished in oven with different spices, like New Orleans style
          Rices -- with Sazon for a saffron-like flavor, or Red Beans and Rice. This is a side dish
          Different kinds of potatoes such as roasted with paprika, onion and olive oil

          1. Wish you were around when I was that age! I think it'd be fun and informative to take a basic set of ingreds and show the different ways you can go. Like ground meat, the "trinity," tomato sauce, but then add chili-making ingreds OR pasta sauce enhancements.. With chicken parts - make it Italian OR Asian-flavored OR any other just by using diff spices, herbs and such.