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May 14, 2008 07:08 AM

Markets between Charleston and Edisto

Hello Hounds,

A group of friends is spending next week in Edisto, South Carolina, and I am looking forward to cooking up some fantastic self-catered meals. We are all out of towners, and will be making a couple of trips to and from the airport during the week. I understand that the Piggly Wiggly is the only supermarket in Edisto, so I am wondering if there are any daily farmers markets in Charleston, or anything worth stopping along the way from there to Edisto. Mostly I am looking for local produce or other products, and would appreciate any tips on where we should buy our seafood. We will be driving the stretch from the airport to Edisto on a Monday and Thursday afternoon, if that changes anything.

Also, I am really looking forward to a meal at Poogan's Porch on our way out of town. I can still remember those biscuits from a childhood family vacation...

Any suggestions are welcome and thank you in advance for your help!


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  1. Love the buscuits at Poogans! Try to get the first batch of the day as they are made with bacon grease!

    You will find all kinds of farmers on the side of the road selling produce out of shacks and out of the backs of their trucks.

    Since you will be downtown at Poogans, I highly recommend you do your marketing at Harris Teeter on East Bay. They have a sommelier.

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      Get your shrimp at Bell's at the very end of the island. She makes killer pies too ... There is also a Seafood Net (or something like that) next to Dodge's Chicken on Route 17 before you get to the Edisto turnoff. Sadly crabs are not in season at the moment -- my crab lady tells me they're mating again.

      Stono's Farm Market is on the way to Edisto, and there is another small stand closer to town on the same road.

      Piggly Wiggly is marginal at best. Stop anywhere on the way -- assume you're taking 526 to 17? Hang a right on Sam Rittenberg at the end of Route 526 for Bi-Lo -- not great but OK for staples. German bakers at 1750 Savannah Highway, Rococo German Bakery, good bread and baked goods (Savannah Highway is route 17).

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        Sorry, Bell's is closed. I think they closed this past fall. That was our favorite spot too - and those pies were great. There is another place right past where Bell's was but I can't think of the name.

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          I forgot to mention that George & Pink's is a great spot to stop for produce. Coming into Edisto Beach, look for the sign on the left - it's just off the main road into where everything is. Great produce from some super nice locals!

      2. Went to a Lee Brothers' cooking demo around a year ago. I remember them recommending a place called Murray's Meats as a (I presume) butcher shop. Not sure where it is.

        1. Y'all are golden! This is so helpful - I love my fresh produce and local color, and am so happy to hear that there are more options than the PW. Many many many thanks!