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May 14, 2008 07:05 AM

Best Wine Shops in St. Louis

I'm going to be in St. Louis for a couple of days and would like to check out some of the city's better wine stores during the day. Any suggestions?

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  1. Wine Merchant, Wine & Cheese Place, and Brown Derby are a few off the top of my head.

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      I'm pretty sure that Brown Derby closed their store in St. Louis over a year ago. The one in Springfield is worth a visit if you ever go that way.

      The two stores we must visit each time we go to St. Louis are The Wine Merchant (we go to the one in Clayton, excellent Burgundy selection, good Champagne selection, decent German, Aussie and American selection) and The Wine Chateau (in Chesterfield, great Bordeaux selection, good selection of everything else).

      If we have extra time, we go to The Wine & Cheese Place and Starr's, both conveniently located near The Wine Merchant in Clayton.

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      1. Definetly try Vineyards Wine and Spirits in Chesterfield. They have over 1000 different wines from around the world, you can even order it from there online store and have it shipped to you.
        Here is the website to take a look:

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          For a winebar and store, you can't beat 33 wine bar in Lafayette Square. 700+ wines that are carefully selected by the owner, Jake. Plus, there are around 140 hand-picked beers from around the world from which to choose. Affordable prices in a comfortable and helpful setting, and you've got a great place to purchase wine to-go or sit for a glass or two.