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May 14, 2008 07:02 AM


Aside from Subway, any suggestions of restaurants in Cleveland?

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  1. Check out - it has a rather comprehensive list - I use it all the time when I travel -

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    1. re: weinstein5

      I'm aware of Shamash, thanks. It's often better to get personal experience/suggestions, as Shamash isn't always up-to-date (regarding comments, kashrut or even existing)

      1. re: whitewater

        shamash has been doing a better job of keeping thngs up to date - and it is a starting place to see what is there and if it looks like noone has gone anu time recently it drops to the bottom of my list -

    2. BS"D

      Contempo Cuisine. It's mostly a catering establishment, so it isn't always open, but when it is, it's the best kosher food in Cleveland. And Lenny, the owner, is one of the multitude of nice people in Cleveland.

      1. contempor cuisine is the best thing you can get there, but it is more of a fancy $30 per person place. and it doesnt compare to NY.

        i lived there for about a year, and i feel that the best thing that they currently have is Empire Chicken. they have amazing fried chicken, and great meals.

        other than that you have some gross pizza stores. THATS IT!! feh :(

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