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May 14, 2008 06:54 AM

Peruvian Chicken Recipe

I moved away from the DC area three years ago. The thing I miss above everything else is the Peruvian chicken at El Pollo Rico in Arlington. Please, if you are going to complain about the side dishes at EPR-- don't. Take your yuca and your fried plantains and go elsewhere. This is about the chicken and EPR is the chicken of my dreams.

They don't have Peruvian chicken where I live now. I'd like to try to duplicate El Pollo Rico chicken at home. Does anyone have a recipe? There was a link on these boards a few years ago to the Fairfax County health department, which supposedly spilled the beans in a report, but that link has gone dead.

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  1. You might repost to the home cooking board. I've found a variety of recipes on the web, some of which involve yellow pepper paste and huacatay paste, which may be hard for you to find in your area. (Both are available at Grand Marts in our region, but may not be available in smaller Hispanic bodegas, as these seem to be ingredients used primarily by Peruvians). My mother uses a different recipe, one which is a more cumin-dominated marinade.

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      Polly-- Thanks. I've also found a number of recipes on the internet-- including a very recent one from Gourmet magazine in September of last year. I was interested to see how they compared to the real thing.

      Chowhound Team-- I note that you have moved this posting to the Home Cooking board. I appreciate your efforts to correct my choice of posting location, but, frankly, considering the specific question asked, the DC/Baltimore board was a better place for it. I'm not looking for a general recipe, I'm looking for something specifically associated with a specific restaurant in the DC metro area. I think you've doomed my chances of a response.

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        Is there any way to contact a specific user on the board directly? I believe "Dennis S" in Reston has said a few times that he got the Edy's recipe (that was the one posted to the FFX Healthspace website, not EPR's) before it was removed, so he could probably get the recipe to you if you could reach him.