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May 14, 2008 06:51 AM

Midnight Blue and Cap't & Cowboy closed (Orl)

This morning's Orlando Sentinel announced two closings -- Jephanie Foster's Midnight Blue (due to downtown in economy along with problems with a/c system) and in Apopka, the Captain and the Cowboy. I never had a chance to visit Midnight Blue, but had dinner at the Captain and Cowboy soon after they opened and thought it was pretty pricey for the food offered....but, I sure don't see a lack of biz in the places I've been to lately; last night Antonio's Maitland had a full parking lot; Seasons 52 is still packed most times....what do y'all think?

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  1. I've been to midnight blue back when it was awesome(early 2007), when Foster was still involved. After she left, the food and service went down horribly at Midnight Blue, to the point I stopped going after one abysmal night of service. I know Foster had closed Blue Bistro recently too, sadly I never made it there. I had heard it was great. There is no way lack of business "downtown" has anything to do with midnight blue closing. Dexter's across the street has been there a while and still does great business. And, I went to Ceviche on church street a few weeks ago and it was absolutely mobbed. I went to Urban Flats downtown after the magic game on saturday and they were doing great business. I believe poor service and inconsistent food was Midnight's downfall.

    1. I'm glad you posted this. We had Midnight Blue in the new Orlando Zagat survey, which is going on right now. Now I know to take it out.

      1. Wow. I am so upset. Midnight Blue, and its sister Blue Bistro that closed a few months ago, were some of the best restaurants in Orlando. I heard (on Chowhound) that Blue Bistro closed for management reasons. Not sure if that's what happened with Midnight.

        Then there's Seasons 52 that is so freakin' popular, which I just don't understand. It pales in comparison to the Blues.

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          Blue Bistro was consistently great every time I went there. Midnight Blue was a service rollercoaster--sometimes the service was good, sometimes quite bad. I've spoken to several friends who stopped going there because of bad service. I would not be surprised if that had a lot to do with their closing.

          Also, it seemed like for a long time they were not open for lunch--which is just weird for that area. Lunch is hopping in Thornton Park.

        2. Such a shame. I really enjoyed Midnight Blue. I never experienced the service issues mentioned in some of the posts and each time I went the place was crowded.

          I hope the rest of the smaller places downtown, college park, etc can make it through people spending less money out.