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May 14, 2008 06:14 AM

Thai Grocery in Santa Rosa area?

Is there a Thai grocery in Santa Rosa? Specifically I'm looking for Thai Iced tea mix but also a few other ingredients like Kaffir lime leaves.

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  1. I don't know of a Thai grocery, but I have purchased Kaffir lime leaves and Karhi leaves at the little Vietnamese store (Phnom Penh?) at the corner of Petaluma Hill Road and Santa Rosa Ave. Don't know about the iced tea mix. I look forward to other postings!

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      Phnom Penh is good, lots of hard-to-get produce items. No meat counter, but plenty of frozen.

      Mekong on Sebastopol Road across from Lola's has a meat counter, but it's a little chaotic for me.

      ThaiLao at 1081 SR Avenue is right around the corner from Phnom Penh and has a smaller selection. They used to get banh mi on Fridays, but don't any more.

      I'm looking for additive free, full-fat coconut milk or coconut cream. Currently making do with TJ's reduced fat milk. Anyone seen the other?

      BTW, there are other Asian Markets in Santa Rosa including one at Guerneville Road & Fulton Road, another on Piner at Marlow and the grandfather store, G&G on College near Stony Point. Also Cotati has at least two Korean markets.

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        Hello, this is my first post here! In response to your search for coconut milk... have you tried Oliver's Market? I live in San Francisco but I have family in Santa Rosa and regularly visit there (and sometimes shop!) My favorite coconut milk is Chaokoh. I don't know if they have that specific brand at Oliver's but I do know that the new store on Stony Point has a couple of full cream coconut milks available. Hope that this helps!

    2. Check out to get a list of markets with Thai food from a highly-regarded Thai cooking teacher, Kasma Loha-unchit. She lists the following in Santa Rosa--

      Mekong Market
      206 Sebastopol Road
      Santa Rosa

      Asia Mart
      2481 Guerneville Road
      Santa Rosa, CA 95403

      Asia Market
      1110 Petaluma Hill Road
      Santa Rosa, CA 95404
      (707) 545-9618

      Thailao Market
      1051 Santa Rosa Ave.
      Santa Rosa, CA 95404
      (707) 546-0129

      Phnom Penh
      923 Petaluma Hill Road
      Santa Rosa, CA 95404
      (707) 570-0331

      Kaffir lime leaves are tough to find this time of year. I went to several asian markets from San Francisco to San Jose before finally finding some. Kasma's website also lists some mail-order sources of Thai ingredients.

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      1. re: charliemyboy

        Thanks, that's very helpful. I usually get my thai supplies in SF or East Bay but I don't think I will be making it there for a while.

        1. re: Emily Ford

          Just an aside, I am growing 2 kaffir limes, and a spot of lemongrass. It's really easy here in the Bay Area, and I always have them.

          1. re: Bodegadawg

            Lemon grass is frost sensitive and Santa Rosa gets colder than the more southern and coastal areas of the Bay Area. I have never seen Thai iced tea mix. Is it commonly available?