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May 14, 2008 06:11 AM

Coffee options Boynton Beach

Does anyone have any suggestions for a good americano or latte around BB area?
Not really a starbucks fan, prefer independent coffee baristas?

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  1. let me know if you hear of one, I only know of Starbucks.

    1. I enjoy "The Coffee District", off the path a bit (not for me however as I live 6 blocks away). It is in Delray, 4 blocks North of Atlantic Ave, on NE 2nd Street (just W of the RR tracks).

      If you are coming S from Boynton, this same road is known as Seacrest Blvd. The Coffee District is just 1 store S of Lake Ida Road and just below the Exxon gas station.

      It is a very interesting place - a coffee house by day, but they also feature a TON of excellent craft beers (microbrews), a nice wine selection, and some good appetizer type food and salads (and very nice desserts). At night they often have open mics or interesting music.

      The owners are a very nice young couple and it is a very relaxing place with couches, good music, tv on in the background (no sound) during major events - so there's practically something for everyone.

      My wife is the coffee lover in the family and she says they make expresso etc "the real way". I nod my head and sip a Shipyard.

      It's a good place to visit anytime but you could certainly stop by before dinner, after dinner, late night - and will likely enjoy.

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            Yes, that is the place. If you like microbrews, check out the Shipyard on tap. It was "Prelude" for a while, which was a very tasty winter ale. That may be gone now. With any luck they will replace with Summer Ale, I just had the first release up in Maine last weekend and it was delightful.

            If you see a smiling, hyperactive Asian guy running around, that will be Chung, the owner, a real nice guy. He will talk to you about wine and beer for hours if you like. His also-friendly but more mild-mannered partner Anna works more on the food and coffee side.