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May 14, 2008 06:10 AM

Your favorite UES lunch spot (French)?

Hi. I will be meeting a friend for lunch on Friday and I would like to try something newer than my usual places. I prefer French. My friend wants Italian and loves Nello, but I am so not in the mood for that place. I suggested Aureole, but she does not want to go there. If I end up with Italian, I suppose that is fine, too. Afterall, I always pick out the restos.

Thanks for any help.

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  1. Bistro Chat Noir or L'Absinthe would be lovely!

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    1. Orsay on 75th-ish and lex is really nice for lunch because it's not so loud then. But if your friend is thinking along the lines of Nello, maybe Amaranth would suffice - it's on 61st, I think, between madison and fifth - very good food, a bit of a scene, but won't break the bank like Nello.

      1. JoJo is great for lunch. The food is delicious, the staff is lovely, beautiful, and they have a great prix-fixe menu ($24).

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          ohh yea..I LOVE JOJO!!! I think I had the most incredible lobster there once before....Forgot about that place....and I also forgot about Orsay.

          Thanks everyone!!

        2. As everyone on this board knows, I adore Aureole, but if you can't convince your friend to go, I recommend Cafe d'Alsace on the UES.

          1. I took two friends to JoJo... and how they've designated me the official lunch-site-picker.
            The prix-fixe menu is a really good deal.

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              It is a great deal but I have not been in years bec. the portions were absolutely teeny weeny. I am never full afterwards and don't have an extremely large appetite. It is ridiculous! Has that changed?