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May 14, 2008 06:08 AM

Beehive: 80 Seat Patio?

Ive heard some rumors floating around of Beehive opening up a large patio for the summer

anyone know any details??? Someone was telling me that it will be a different menu consisting of snacks that they will bring you in a picnic type basket.

Not sure where he heard this, but figured someone here would know about it

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  1. On May 24, they will open “The BEEch”, an 80 seat outdoor dining addition on the Boston Center for the Arts Plaza. It will focus on an “urban picnic theme” in which diners will be seated and handed a menu of freshly prepared casual gourmet items to choose from. Once customers have selected their items, the wait staff will return with these culinary treasures in packages and jars along with fresh bread tucked in picnic baskets to share.

    The BEEch will be open 7 days a week, from 5pm-11pm, serving items such as Lobster Cocktail ($18), Spiced Hummus with olive oil, lemon and tahini ($9) and Picnic Chicken ($14). They will also have a weekend Brunch from 10:30am–3pm with a decidedly more “brunchy” approach in fare. A full bar menu will be offered along with pitchers of Sangria, Margaritas and Spiked Ice-T, and no reservations are accepted.

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    1. re: RichardA

      Just out of curiosity, how many seats does Beehive have currently? Ive wanted to go forever but its still packed

      1. re: Zopper

        I called to inquire about a private function and they said they way the restaurant is set-up for service they seat about 120.

      2. re: RichardA

        It sounds as if EEt
        Is going to be a BEEch
        Still to get a SEEt.

        1. re: RichardA

          The idea of naming or renaming a restaurant patio seems to be quite popular. Stella's "terrazzino" and now Beehive's the BEEch. I'd be interested to know...are there any other places trying to keep up with the trend?

          1. re: aah209

            I think the name, BEEch is stupid.

            1. re: PJ Mac BJ

              I think 'packages and jars along with fresh bread tucked in picnic baskets to share' also rather silly. Plates, bowls etc. seem to work well everywhere else. If it ain't broke.......

              1. re: jonship

                I guess the bottom line will be: is the food any good? I haven't seen many posts about The Beehive's food here lately. Most discussions seem to focus on drinks and atmosphere.

                1. re: MC Slim JB

                  Well, MAYBE the food will fit this flowery description....

                  "the wait staff will return with these culinary treasures in packages and jars along with fresh bread tucked in picnic baskets to share"

                  but somehow, based on my poor experience there with the food (disclaimer, just once) I doubt it.

                  1. re: MC Slim JB

                    I tried Beehive for the first time last week and was fairly disappointed. The bartender completely ruined a Sazerac by dumping a half jigger of absinthe directly in the drink (not just using it to rinse the glass, as it should be). The food was really nothing exciting; nothing bad, really, just not good enough to make it a destination. I can't for the life of me understand why the place is so popular. It was utterly packed, very hot downstairs, and after a while I got tired of the numerous birthday parties snapping photos of each other. I'll just put it in the category of South End places that have little to do with good food and a lot more to do with being seen in the right place. Yawn.

          2. Was at Beehive last night - no sign of the Patio yet, but I did have a really excellent shortrib & fontina grilled cheese. Other friends split the shrimp cocktail and a good looking burger. I was really surprised by how much we enjoyed our dinner, quite frankly, as I've only been there for the jazz and the drinks.

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            1. re: gini

              It looked like half the patio opened tonight, didn't stop by or try anything because I was meeting friends at Sibling, but it was full and everyone had a basket....

            2. Well, I went yesterday. Here's my review from Yelp:

              "Strolling the South End for a place with a patio that wasn't sweltering in the early heat of summer (yesterday)...we stumbled upon the Beech at the Beehive yesterday.

              4:30pm, nice out, no wait for a seat. Check.

              The hostess was nice enough to inform us that the patio menu was different than inside. I hadn't read anything online regarding the "upscale picnic" theme, and there was no sign of "picnic" on the menu, so to me everything looked promising. We sat.

              We ordered the tuna tartare, ricotta stuffed peppers and cold fried chicken. THANK GOD we ordered the chicken (almost didn't) because if not, we would have been stuck with two tiny jars (?) of really unappetizing looking condiment-like "stuff." That's really the only way I can describe it. But wait - let me back up.

              First, I ordered a raspberry margarita and was brought out sangria. When pointed out, it was promptly replaced. Props. But then, when our illustrious picnic basket arrived, it contained a jar of olives and a jar of tuna/artichokes. Not even close to what we ordered (well I guess "tuna" could have been mistaken, but when you WRITE YOUR ORDER DOWN YOURSELF, I don't think there's too much room for err). Both were whisked away and others brought back a second later. Which basically means everything is sitting in a fridge somewhere. Also, a jar of potato salad which was supposed to accompany the chicken randomly appeared the second time around. Whatever.

              The food was horribly mediocre. I almost wished for the fried chicken to taste as good as KFC (ugh!) and the tuna was bland - no salt on the table either! The peppers, were the one standout - but if I'm paying $8 I'd prefer to get more than 2 measly peppers.

              $50 bucks later I was still hungry and unsatisfied. We had to go seek out a small coffee oreo cone at JP Licks - which was hands down the best and cheapest food of the day.

              I haven't been inside, though I've wanted to go for drinks and shows. I might be back, but it won't be as a food destination."

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              1. re: Applejakx

                The patio looks like it's in the middle of no man's land, and the Sovereign Bank kiosk in the middle doesn't help.

                1. re: Applejakx

                  Oh dude, that sounds grim. Grim enough to inspire you to get a profile and post here for the first time. Grim indeed.

                  I LOVE that you have to write your own order too ... sweet.