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May 14, 2008 06:06 AM


Went to Maia for coffee last Saturday and they really butchered it. They have good Illy coffee, but the Americano and Latte were awful.
Also when I said something to the staff, they acted surprised and confused!
Coffee was tasteless black water.
Oh well, back to Center City for a good cup of Joe.

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  1. I went to Maia on Sunday and wasn't very impressed. The prepared food section was much smaller than I expected, and I was surprised to find chocolates being stored in the same refrigerator cases as the meats, cheeses, and aromatic items like sauerkraut. They did have an amazing by-the-bottle beer selection, though, and I purchased a few hard to find items, with the down side being that they were incredibly expensive (though I think this was more based on the type of beer and not the mark-up of Maia). Overall, if I'm in the area again I'd go back to see if it had become more of the gourmet market that I thought it was supposed to be, but I'm not going to make a special trip. Thanks!

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      How were the prices at the market? I drive right past it on my way home and it would be a great spot to pick up dinner.

      I was at the opening night party and the decor and set up of the place are amazing. I hope the food measures up or someone has spent an awful lot of money on the place. It's kind of odd having such an upscale place in the same building as Staples and Summit Fitness, although the restaurant upstairs has a nice entrance from the back. I'll be following Maia's fate with interest.

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        I have to be honest when I say that I'm not sure how the prices stack up. Most of the food I saw was meat, and since I'm a vegetarian I didn't look too hard at the price tags. I will say that I saw fairly basic, pre-made turkey sandwiches in the coffee shop area for close to $8, and that seemed high to me, but my judgment might be skewed. The things like cheeses and chocolates were expensive, but then again those things are always expensive so I can't say they are unfairly priced at Maia. There really wasn't much at the market to look at in terms of prepared was much more of an after-thought than what I was expecting. Please report back if you go!

    2. Okay, I made a quick stop at the market on my way home tonight. I got one smallish (three inch diameter) crabcake for $12 (!) and one serving of roasted veggies (carrots, onion, parsnips) for $2.80. The crabcake was fair. Lots of crab, no filler but also a lot of chives or something green that overwhelmed the taste of the crab. The roasted veggies were roasted veggies --fine, ordinary.. For $15 I expected a lot better.

      The selection of takeout food was limited. A fair number of veggie dishes and grain salads, some tuna, the crab and meatballs. There may have been more choices, but not much.on it

      One annoying thing -- nothing had a price aon it nd there wasn't even a paper to pick up to see the price. Maybe the message is if you have to ask, you can't afford to eat here. In this economy, I need to know.

      The music was so loud I had to shout at the server to be heard. The small crowd (it was early) was 40-ish and 50-ish and a nice looking group. The servers must be hired for their looks -- all were easy on the eyes.

      I still want to try it for dinner one night and see how they do. I won't be stopping at the market again. I can go a couple miles down the road to Food Source to be robbed, but at least there are more selections.

      1. Had a quick lunch there today. Kobe pastrami sandwich was fantastic. Bigger than I thought it would be. Can't wait to see the restaurant upstairs.

        1. Went for lunch. Ho Hum. Not great on service, late firing food and the kitchen prepared the wrong dish. Still working it out. Food didn't live up to the descriptions. Very mediocre presentation. My guest had onion soup and paillard I had the pastrami sandwich. The experience just wasn't great. Will try it again in a couple weeks to see if it gets better with time.

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            Recently returned for dinner in the upstairs, main restaurant.
            The first thing to strike me was the sure size of the place, with mutiple rooms, but we ate in the main dining area.
            The decor is really amazing and the place ws practically full on a midweek wed night.
            We started with all the raw fish starters, there were five of them including oysters, smoked tuna, smoked salmon, both house smoked, and lemon cured striped bass, and another dish I forget,.
            Anyway all of these were delicious, along with the rolls.
            They have an awsome selection of beers on tap and in the bottle, I had the Gaffel kolsch and sampled the Troegs IPA.
            We got a bottle of superb spanish red wine.
            Main course, we all had the Colorado Ridge 8oz strip steak, with Kobe beef short ribs, really delicious and very tender meat.
            Desert was a semolina tartlet , the others had icecream and a Port.
            Illy coffe drinks are offered.

            The meal was excellent and I would like to go back to try one of the several fish choices on offer or the lamb dish.