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May 14, 2008 05:43 AM

How chowish is Ninety-Nine?

I'll tell you -- anytime I can get a turkey club sandwich made with real turkey breast and not that nasty processed Sysco crap, I am impressed. Everytime I've gone to 99, it's been really good. Moving from New York to New England we weren't familiar with the chain, but I have to say that for a good, quick meal where we can get a beer with our burger, mrbuffer and I will go there.

I'm not sure how chowish 99 is, though. Any thoughts?

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  1. Not. The. Least. Bit. Chow-ish.

    1. I haven't been in years, because even as chains go, Ninety Nine was bad. Real bad. But things can change, maybe it's better now. I seem to recall that about 10 yrs back, I thought Ruby Tuesday was decent for a chain.....I last went for a quick bite w/my family a year or so ago on the way to the airport, and it was terrible, start to finish. Have they really gone downhill, or have my tastebuds become so much pickier over the last decade? I don't know.

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        I think pickier. At the time I married my husband, I was already a bit picky, but could be contented with a meal at a place like Ruby Tuesday. However, after 10 years of exposure to his delightful cooking, I can't stomach most of what I find in many restaurants (and not just chains). Too often, I am trying to figure out the mystery in the meat or saying to myself that he and I could make the dish so much better at home.

        We now reserve eating out solely for things we don't like or want to make at home (e.g. sushi), or for restaurants we know we will enjoy.

      2. Have to totally agree with Scuba Steve. Is the food edible--some of the time. I've had to do work related luncheons there and try to find the least offensive item. Salad and sandwiches don't come close to my definition of real and crafted food.
        Maybe you'd get more info off the chains board?

        1. Don't mention chowish in the same paragraph.

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          1. re: jaylhorner

            Uggh. The 99 used to be decent enough pub food. A great place to stop for drinks and appetizers before or after a movie with friends. Since they were bought out by the O'Charley's chain (about 5yrs ago), the food has really gone down hill in quality. Not like it was ever chowish though. imho.