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May 14, 2008 04:53 AM

MEATing on Queen-new butcher shop

Any information on the new butcher opening in Leslieville at Jones and Queen? It's in the location that was most recently Lilies Falafels, and almost directly across from Lady and Son! Interesting location choice, obviously someone who's quite confident of their product! Anybody heard or know the scoop?

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  1. Yeah, I was wondering the same thing. Pretty crude sign out front. I believe underneath in smaller print it reads Mike's Butcher Shop.

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    1. re: millygirl

      That would be 'George's Butcher Shop'... noticed it last week, but I have to agree that the signs look pretty sloppy so I'm not expecting the second coming of Cumbrae. Fingers crossed I guess... love the location though, head to head meat throwdown at Queen & Jones! :-)

      Speaking of new butcher shops, there is an interesting looking organic/naturally raised meat shop opening on the Danforth just east of Broadview (south side)... few doors west of Allen's I believe. I noticed their bold black and white signage a couple weekends ago but can't for the life of me remember the name. Anyone else seen the place or have info?

      1. re: Vise

        Hey Vise, it's apparently called Blackstone's, which I was told is a satellite from the "The Butchers" which is across from Sporting Life on Yonge street. My post a few weeks ago didn't generate much interest. Anyone else have any further info on the place?

        1. re: millygirl

          That's the one! Thanks for the info... will be interesting to see what it is like when it opens, will certainly check it out.

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            Actually, they now have a proper painted sign up, not just the paper one they had in the window. It looks much more interesting.
            If someone would open a greengrocers with decent fruit and vegetables I'm sure we'ld all be extremely happy.

    2. The grand opening is today! Looks like they will have fish and some prepared meals as well. I plan to check it out on the way home.

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        Went to Meating on Queen today, and they were quite busy! They have a nice selection of reasonably priced meat. Didn't buy any but I would like to go back and try some of their sausages, they have sweet and hot Italian sausages plus a few other varieties. They also make sandwiches, plus sell cold drinks and prepared salads! An added attraction, they have tiny Dufflet cupcakes and mini desserts that start at 50 cents!! I think they will do well, they're selling mid-range products at decent prices. Hopefully some one will try a few things and let us know what they are like. Also it is family run, with everyone working there.

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          OMG i just tried there new york steak on a bun which i been hearing alot about and let me tell you.. Best sandwich Ever! ive even gone before and they were sold out. Even their meat prices are reasonaly fair compared to another butcher shop down queen called Meat on the Beach , the prices do not compare , they are almost half pirce. I think overall this store is a great thing for queens and jones and the spot is perfect.

          1. re: michealT.O

            Report sounds good except I bought the french cut veal chop and have two complaints.

            1 - both chops were cut so unevenly we had both rare-cooked and well done meat in the same chop. These chops were cut by an amateur.

            2 - the meat was tough. It was exactly what you would expect I suppose for 10.99/lb.

            I have had much better meat at Meat on Beach for close to the same price - but there you have to make sure you get fresh chops. I disagree that Meat on Beach is dramatically more expensive.

            BTW, had great peppery Kolbassa at Meating!

        2. I checked out MEATing (now called George's) today and was disappointed. They had a decent selection of meats. deli, and salads, and some goodies. Prices weren't bad. However, the meats were of visibly unspectacular quality and were VERY poorly cut. I didn't see any reason to buy anything.

          There's some definite improvement at Lady & Son. Perhaps it's because of the new competition across the street. The store smelled good and the meat looked nicer than in the past. Meat in the display case was decently cut this time. The Kerr Farms beef looked inferior to what's sold under that label at Summerhill Market, but was still quite respectable. They had trimmed off ALL visible fat from the steaks and roasts. I couldn't tell whether the beef in the display case was well aged or just old, but it was one or the other. Chickens looked decent. The freezer was still a chaotic mess.

          So we now have five meat markets on Queen between Broadview and the Beach. However, none of them calls out to me.

          - George's and Lady may very well kill each other off.
          - Sunnybrook soldiers on, but has never appealed to me. They will need to upgrade or leave when their lease runs out.
          - Rowe Farms is spelled R-I-P-O-F-F
          - Meat on the Beach has, by far, the best quality fresh meats of the bunch. Given their prices, though, they don't offer good value. The meat isn't THAT good, though I've found their fresh chicken actually can be. I've never understood the popularity of their convenience items and prepared foods.

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          1. re: embee

            Rowe .... I recently got a rack of lamb, can't remember what I paid but it was expensive, and found it was 50%+ fat which I had to remove before cooking.

            1. re: KitchenVoodoo

              What about the new Blackstone's on Danforth....anyone tried it out yet? The shop itself looks quite inviting. I know that doesn't mean anything, but I have to say they did a nice job of it.

            2. re: embee

              I usually go to Meat on the Beach when I'm shopping in the neighbourhood and I generally think it's ok except for the layout! It's better in the summertime when they can move a lot of the produce outside but at busy times in the winter it can be quite annoying to navigate the crowds. I try to avoid peak times.

              I agree about Rowe Farms. I went once and was quite disappointed.

            3. I went in last night and glanced around... thought it was average - not as slick looking as Rowe but better smelling than Lady and Son. Does anyone know where the meat comes from (are they affiliated with a particular farm?) and what they mean by "naturally raised"?

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              1. re: AJD

                Hi, I've been to Blackstone's several times and find it to be really hit or miss. The meat quality and price or OK but their selection has been poor. I usually know what I'm after when I go to the butcher and so far they have not had what I'm looking for. Rib eyes and Strip Loin should be always be a standard. I've been to Meat on the Beach and had an amazing Veal Chop. I've also popped in to Georges and it was meh. Glad to see Lady and Son gone, she once sold rotten meat posing as well aged and often cut the meat poorly. My favorite place so far is the Summerhill Market, tad on the pricier side but always a great steak. Porterhouse from Summerhill attached :)

              2. forget the sign-(I knew it would be a turn off to some people) the prices are amazing and the food even better. What it lacks in style it makes up for in great naturally raised meats and the best sausages this side of Ecuador made right in the shop. Everyone I know who goes there swears by it-so get over the "non yuppy" style sign and get some sausages!