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May 14, 2008 02:39 AM

Problems with the Fort Mohave, AZ McDonald's

I just can't figure out what is wrong with the McDonald's in Fort Mohave, AZ. Their restaurant is consistently dirty of has a grubby feel to it. The bathrooms (even after a slight remodel) continue to be dirty and worn out. Also, get rid of the freekin' hand dryers!
Now on to the food. There is a surprise factor here. When you order to go, you may count to see if you have the correct sandwiches before you exit the drive-thru but just wait till you get home! Hmmm, what mystery will be uncovered this meal? The burger missing any sauce that normally has them, the bun exchange program whereas you may get a small plain bun on your Big Mac instead of the sesame seed splint bun. Will it miss the center piece of bread which makes up the true Big Mac. And now to the pickle game. Will it have ANY pickles this go around, one, two, big or really small ones. Will they be on the top deck or hidden under the lower stories of the Big Mac Hamburger. It can go on and on but I will stop in now. The employees who I assume are recent drug court appointees (these desert fast food joints are awash with them) need to learn cleanleness then consistant food preperation. Store and District manager, beware of your Fort Mohave McDonald's store....please!

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  1. Strange to complain about a place you obviously frequent repeatedly. Perhaps avoiding it might be the best option.

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    1. re: AzDumpling

      Not as frequent as I could. One would hope with a recent remodel that some things would improve.

    2. here in Las Vegas... the local health dept. requires all folks who work around food get what's called a Health Card... $50 for 3 years and a you have to watch a hour long video telling you to wash your hands frequently.... sounds fun!!

      BUT, just because you have a CARD that allows you to work around food doesn't mean the employees are going to always follow the rules and wash their hands. also it doesn't help the fact if the employee doesn't know how to prepare or cook the food properly.

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      1. re: someyoungguyy

        That's very true. Living in tri-state area I frequent Vegas a couple times a month and am just happy if I see employees wearing food handler gloves.