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May 14, 2008 12:39 AM

Roasting Corn

Would love advice on how to roast corn over an open fire pit. I love that smoky flavor and would like to replicate it at a barbecue on the beach! We will be using a firepit as much as possible for cooking, but I don't know much about roasting corn in the fire pit.

Do I just soak the corn for about 20 minutes in water, leaving the husk and silk intact, and then just place them next to the flames? Should I wrap it in aluminum? Would appreciate your advice. Thank you!

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  1. I've always just soaked the corn first leaving everything intact, honestly I don't remember how long, and then put on a metal grill over the flames/coals, turning every so often. Not sure what would happen if you wrapped in foil other than it would be closer to steamed than roasted.

    although, I wrap potatos in foil (after poking with holes) and put directly in the coals and they come out wonderful!

    1. I've never used a fire pit, but I grill corn all the time. I take off the husk and silk, rub some olive oil on the corn and then salt and pop on the grill turning occasionally until lightly charred all around. No need to soak the corn with this method. Some people like to soak and cook with the husk on but I can't stand the silk and would rather let the kernels get charred. Soaking the corn and cooking in the husk is really just steaming the corn.

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        We use a grill too, but there was a country store on the way to Woodstock VT which used a huge open fire pit to roast corn.....they peeled back the husks and roasted it that way. This gave something to hold on to as one ate. IIRC when the corn was done, the ear was dunked in melted butter.... The aroma from roasting corn is wonderful!

      2. I soak them in water and toss them on the grill - no foil needed. Deee-lish! If it's fresh corn, it will taste good no matter what you do!

        1. I saw a show where they roast them in the oven at 350 for 30 minutes. It comes out perfect, so maybe you could do the same on the grill. No water was involved in the oven method.

          1. We're not into the silk either so I husk them, lay on a rectangle of foil, dot with butter, salt and pepper, roll up in the foil and pop on the grill. 5 minutes and flip for another 5. When unrolled they have a bit of carmelization on the kernels and are sweet and tender.