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May 13, 2008 11:07 PM

Very late night recs btwn JFK - Woodside?

What's the best that Queens has to offer at 1am on Friday?
Hopefully something which is rare in LA.

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  1. Stop Inn diner I think is open late (61st and Roosevelt). They have a really good Irish breakfast. I usually hit up the taco stand across the street, but I would think that you get enough of that in LA. Not sure what is open at that time in JH..... Maybe Brian or Al will have something better.....

    This might be a good spot...

    1. Are you riding the bus? Driving/being driven? Is Woodside your final destination for the evening?

      Most of the late late night dining options around here are in nearby Jackson Heights, although I don't know if any of that food is rare in L.A. (what is rare in L.A.?). This is where you will end up anyway if you take the bus. There are 24 hour Indian/Bengali and Korean restaurants within a block of the subway/bus station there. Going back towards Woodside on Roosevelt Zabb Thai is open until 2 or so and specializes in Issan cuisine. Going the other direction a couple of blocks, Taqueria Coatzingo is open very late. It's really much more than it appears - order one of the specials.

      Stop Inn recommended above will be closed by then I think. But the link Deborah gives above points out the main thing on the area's late weekend night dining scene, which is the street food that shows up for the area bar and club goers. In Woodside itself there are taco trucks under the 69th St subway stop and the 52nd St stop (really good one here). At the Jackson Heights (74th St.) stop are a couple of taco/torta stands, there are Halal chicken & rice carts across the street, and down Roosevelt going east from there is the center of the Queens Latin-American street food scene.

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      1. re: Woodside Al

        Sorry, I should have been more descriptive. I will be driving. So anything in between and even off a bit will be accessible. Ozone Park, Richmond Hill, Flushing, Rego Park, Forest Hills, Elmhurst, JH, Woodside, Sunnyside, etc.

        This is potentially a huge area. I'm hoping for something a bit more than just decent and open at that time, if that's possible.

        Is the Arepa Lady out on weeknights?

        Kebab King, etc. might be good options since Subcontinent cabbie hangouts qualify as a rarity in LA. Are any of the Uzbek places in Rego Park open that late?

        Other LA rarities (at least when I lived there): Caribbean, Bengali, Russian, Georgian, Polish, Czech,and other E. European, great pizza, Western/Southern African, unpretentious Italian, Jewish delis....

        1. re: Joe MacBu

          Depending on your mood, I would say you cannot lose with Kebab King, Taqueria Coatzingo or Zabb. Caveat for Zabb: avoid the currys, go for any salads, 'over rice' dishes, or noodles (staff gives good recs).

          If you decide you want to go the taco route, I would suggest you avoid the 69th St truck in favor of 74tt, 52nd or 61st (in that order).

          Caribbean (Guyanese or Trini) you might find at that time in Richmond HIll or Ozone Park. Not sure of the opening hours, but there are a couple Romanian places in Sunnyside.

      2. Thanks for the tips.
        We got some kebabs and naan at Kebab King and had Sammy's Halal for dessert.