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May 13, 2008 11:06 PM

Papa Joe's BBQ in Manteca

A friend recommend Papa Joe's BBQ in Manteca to me recently and after stopping in for an afternoon BBQ I can officially say this one is a place you can skip. The chili beans may be from a can and the "salad" featured bag salad, pickles from a jar, shredded chips, and crunched up corn chips. All of that would have ben forgivable if the BBQ was good but mine was dry and had too much char to it. I'd say this one is worth skipping although the smell in the parking lot might make you think otherwise.

The decor was rusty, dusty old farm and stable equipment inside with an old fashioned wooden bar and clunky old wooden tables. It was pretty quite and the service was good. Too bad I can't say the same for my sampler platter... I wish them better luck next time. I'd be willing to try it again if someone else said they had better luck with the tri tip or the burgers.

Has anyone else tried Papa Joe's?

Pa Pa Joe's BBQ & Steak House
128 East Alameda Street, Manteca, CA

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  1. This place was AMAZING. their Tri-tip is fantastic with their BBQ sauce is glorious. Also, their pulled pork is both delicious and wonderful. They also have a spicy BBQ sauce that is also to die experience here everytime was wonderful. I HIGHLY reccommend this place.

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      By any chance is your first name Joe?

    2. My mom and I went in there for the first time this past April. The BBQ smell was inviting and we were tired after a long afternoon so we stopped in. We both had tri-tip sandwiches (to-go)...and we were both disappointed.
      The BBQ sauce overpowered everything on my moms sandwich. I ordered mine with out sauce. The meat was tough and was just over all a let down. I will not recommend this place to any of my friends. Sorry. . .I heard the previous place/owners were better. But I'm somewhat new to Manteca, so I wouldn't know that either.

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        My husband and I were not impressed. They were friendly, but the food was not up to par. Would not go back.

        1. re: howefortunate

          This restaurant is not consistent. We went again and the ribs were great.

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          I think you should of gone back and told them...because when i went there about month
          ago and their tri tip sandwich was THE BEST I'VE EVER EATEN IN YEARS talk about tender and just the right amount of sauce DAM my eyes where close with every bite
          the only thing thats disappointing is when the sandwich is gone or there close!!!! I eat out
          alot all kinds of food from san Francisco to the serra mountains im 49 yrs old and agood cook so when i say its good or rate it with star's I mean it with all honesty....papa joe's is 5 star in my book......john H P.S. look at my recipe here call john's cream of mushroom jalapeno chicken...

        3. Man thats to bad i go there for the tri tip sandwich and with alittle extra sauce there the best
          when i first had one i went back 3 day in a row that was almost a year ago and i TRY to go every
          week I LOVE THEM! next time you go tell papa joe he's always nice and give them another try
          Im sure you'll find your best dish there. always a papa joes fan......good luck!