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May 13, 2008 10:41 PM

Where should I have my 30th birthday party?

I'm turning 30 in a month and I want to do it right.

At first I was thinking "private room in a swanky place, y'all!" but I quickly realized that was ludicrous given that I am not yet a billionaire. However, I still want to do drinks and snacks somewhere cool with about 10 friends.

So here are my criteria:

- Somewhere with good food and drink, but emphasis definitely more on the drink

- Lounge atmosphere, and huge bonus points if we can reserve a cool table or section without shelling out an arm and a leg

- Fun and reasonably hip

Right now I'm trying to look into the options at Edison (never been there, but it seems cool); I've already nixed Blue on Blue and Viceroy as their requirements for reserving a cabana are way too stringent.

What I don't want: big table at a traditional restaurant. I want it to be more of a party than a meal.

Suggestions would be hugely appreciated!

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  1. Nine Thirty at the W (I like the vibe of their restaurant/lounge area and they make a killer yuzu sherbet...)

    Penthouse at the Huntley if you like that crowd and want a view

    1. Check out World Cafe in Venice. Friends had a wedding reception there that was great; wonderful drinks and good food.

      1. Do you have a budget in mind?

        A couple of ideas in the more affordable arena would include:

        Get a table in the bar at Taix in Echo Park. Food is affordable (albeit old school French), bar is fun, wine list is great, and you can make it as much of a party as you want. Private rooms are also available.


        Reserve a table on the back patio at Edendale Grill in Silverlake. Reviews on food here are mixed, but the back patio is really pretty and the bar/bartenders/drinks are great.


        A fun, affordable and "reasonably hip" place to have a party is at the Figueroa Hotel in downtown. They have a Moroccan theme, and a great bar area overlooking the pool. A friend of mine had his 30th birthday here and it was really fun.


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          Some recs at different price points:

          1. The Wilsire. Downside is the drink prices are near crippling outside of HH.

          2. Casa Escobar (25th and Wilshire): I've never not had a good time at the bar. Piano player, affordable drinks. Not swanky but has a certain charm that may be lost on some or most.

          3. The backyard bar at Warszawa. It may be my favourite drinking place.

          4, The Red Lion. I really like it on the upstairs outside patio.

          1. re: Wolfgang

            I had my birthday party last year at Red Lion...they do not take reservations for the outside patio so you need to get there really early to get a big table outside. We ended up inside (got there around 5pm), but it was still a ton of fun.

            Other suggestions: The Hall at Palihouse, Village Idiot, Table 8 (bar area).

        2. How about going to a Lucky Strikes bowling alley. That would be a ton of fun!

          1. I'm about to turn 30 as well (eeek!), and it's always a challenge to come up with a place that is fun for everyone involved with decent food and cocktails without being stuffy or imposing expense on others.

            I have had fantastic birthdays at Beechwood, the lounge area at Celadon, and the lounge at Abode (is it still open?). I have recently been to fun birthdays on the patio at Wilshire, the Warszawa patio bar, Bodega Wine Bar, Penthouse at the Huntley, Edison and Blue Velvet. The rooftop bars at The Standard downtown and Elevate might suit you, but I'm not crazy about the crowd at either place.

            I really really like the lounge at Citizen Smith and have been considering it for an upcoming event.

            It might also be worth checking out new Santa Monica spots The Yard and Chloe.

            Hope this helps!