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May 13, 2008 10:16 PM

Romantic place in Ikebukuro

Hi all,

What a great board! I'm noting down lots and lots of great suggestions.

One question, though: I would like to have a nice romantic dinner with my lady in Ikebukuro. I'm not talking chandeliers and violins, just a good place where to go one evening after work and enjoy life.

I would say no Izakaias or Kaiten, but for the rest every food genre is welcome.

Let me know!

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  1. Romantic and Ikebukuro don't belong in the same sentence. Interested to see if anyone has an idea. Is it romantic to eat big pieces of lamb on the bone with a pocket knife while drinking vodka? If so, Notag Mongolian restaurant is in Ikebu.

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      LOL. I'm sure we were all thinking the same thing on the oxymoronic notion of romance in Ikebukuro....I looked into something in Sunshine City, thinking maybe there is an elegant high-rise restaurant, but did not find anything. Might require further research. Perhaps better to consider Nishi-Shinjuku...

      1. re: steamer

        Sounds romantic to me!
        Is it good? I've never actually had Mongolian before.

        1. re: lost squirrel

          Yeah it's pretty good in a strange way. Like I said big hunks of boiled lamb meat on the bone. It's inner Mongolian so there are some Chinese sorts of salads as well. The Chingis Vodka from Mongolia is outstanding if /when they have it. Bring some wet towelettes because it is greasy work cutting up the meat. They also have another place in Kamedo that is shaped like a ger and if you are so inclined you can get dressed like a Mongol while you eat. Best to make a reservation.

      2. Well, Tsuki no Shizuku (03-5911-0850) is kind of flashy and fun, but it falls into the category of izakaya. Ditto for Shousuke (03-3988-5588).

        Maybe the Italian restaurant Bunryu (03-3982-3230) might come closest - I seem to recall that they use linen tablecloths....

        1. Using Gurunavi's search for "date spots" around Ikebukuro station, it spit out this list. Some of these places look interesting enough. Anyone have experience with these places? A few of them had English pages.

          1. Hey, it's not my fault if we live next to the Ikebukuro! :) Anyway, Notag seems great and I WILL go there, thanx!

            Eto's list seems great, but waaay beyond my chotto nihongo! Anyone tried any of those?