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May 13, 2008 09:54 PM

Roadtrip! Colorado, Taos, and Moab

Hey all,

We are taking a 2 week roadtrip and hitting the following areas:

Colorado Springs
Mosca (Great Sand Dunes)
Grand Juction
Mesa Verde

Any ideas of places to eat would be wonderful :)

Our budget is flexible - I am a vegetarian (no fish, dairy is ok), my boyfriend will eat just about anything as long as its GOOD! We enjoy fresh, authentic food whenever possible!


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  1. There have been numerous threads/posts about Colorado Springs, Taos, Moab and Durango. The Great Sand Dunes are in wide open spaces of the San Luis Valley. As far as I know, there is a snack bar and maybe a cafe at the Great Sand Dunes Lodge. Period. More options exist in Alamosa, which is not really at the pinnacle of culinary sophistication. There is a good dining room in the seasonal Far View Lodge at Mesa Verde NP -- or at least it was good when I was there some years ago. The nearest town is Mancos, and there, I recommend the Absolute Bakery & Cafe, which is the only place there I've ever eaten. Going east toward Durango, the Kennebec Restaurant has fine Tuscan/Mediterranean food and a good ambiance. Durango abounds with fine restaurants. In Grand Junction, try 626 on Rood.

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      Thanks Claire! I did some searching last night, but didn't find too many current posts which is why I decided to put a new one up.

      We are staying at the Fair View Lodge, so it's good to know that we can trust the dining room there.

    2. South of Grand Junction is the Gateway Canyons resort and I had a very nice dinner there last October. It was a special event but I think they probably do well with their regular menu as well.

      1. While in Colorado Springs you must visit Adam's Mountain Cafe in nearby Manitou Springs. Their veggie burger is the best I've ever had in my life. They also have great french toast, waffles and pancakes for breakfast/brunch.

        1. In Canon City there is an old restaurant called Merlino's Belvedere. Pastas, seafood, steak and chicken. Their house salads are good with an Italian dressing and lots of bleu cheese crumbles. We have been eating there when we are in the area for about 25 years. They press apple juice and cider and sell it also.
          Canon City is home to Royal Gorge.

          1. In Colorado Springs try Senior Manuels on north Nevada about 30 yards north of Garden
            of the gods road on the west side. For the veggie, great sizzling tostado, for the carnivore
            the Beef enchilada plate. Oui la la
            In Taos try Orlandos about a half mile north of the middle of town on the west side. Try
            their Guacamole, for him the medallions of pork tenderloin with chilli caribe sauce. out
            of sight

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              YES!!! Thank you, keep em' coming!!!

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                UGH! I just wrote a book about the places we ate at and then my computer crashed. Maybe one day I'll get to it again!